Sunday, June 17, 2012

17th June 2012

I can't think of a proper title.

My day started pretty fine.  Set alarm at 3am.  End up waking up at 3:30am cause meeting up with Daniel for Sunday morning 15km run at 5:15am.  So, I pretty much planned my morning.  Showered, had 2 banana, I even had time to check social sites in the morning.  Kill loads of time.

My run was pretty okay but I'm frustrated that I couldn't finish it at one go.  Manage to run 12.34km today with additional 2km to finish.  Oh my right foot, why you so painful?  Got something to do with the monthly "aunty visit" is making my back pain.  Actually, I feel sore waist down.  Initially I thought it might have something to do with my last Tuesday 10km attempt.  Broke my record for 10km in almost 59 mins woot?  Yes, achievement unlocked, so proud of myself.

Look at the condition of my current shoe.  After 6 months, yes, I use 1 shoe for training and race.

Went for breakfast, had ice cream and went home after that.

What's left of it lol.

I think cause we saw the ice cream truck on the way back.

I think with lagging (in other words for browsing the net) till 10am, had some time to play with my kitties.  I nearly fell asleep.

I went to watch TV after that while eating 2 pieces of bread with scrambled eggs and cornflakes.  Couch potato mode.  The movie Roommate was on.  I swear I watched this before but somehow I wanted to watch it again.

Boardgame session at Just Wargame, Damai at 1pm but the movie finish around 12:30 noon.  I nearly didn't wanna go cause my back were in so much pain and my body felt sore.  But decided to push myself to go.  The weather was a bitch today.  I dreaded hot weather.  Especially when you got out of the house and felt like roast meat.  I was sweating and felt sticky, got myself some buns for lunch and I think I arrived around 1:40pm.  Yes 40 mins late opps.

Dan told me to check the rack.  I guess I was too caught up with being annoyed with the weather till my brain did not compute properly.  He was referring to these new boardgames.  OMG, gotta get my hands on these!  New unwrap boardgames smells damn gooding.

Out of topic:  I would love to visit the boardgame shops in KL/Selangor if I got free time since I'm heading to KL next week for Standard Chartered KL Marathon.  Can't wait to meet peeps! :)  Hope I get to meet fellow runners/bloggers.  So excited!

Our session of Mage Knight this week:

Players:  Myself, Dan and Abu.

Planning move till stand up lol!

Praise for Just Wargame aircond, so cold!  Great during hot weather.

Played from was it 2pm?  Till 6pm.  So that's like 4 hours and we still failed to conquer 4 cities.  Wait, was that 4?  Yes I think it is.

Revealed 2, conquered 1.  Less damage though this time.  I think for the first time I didn't take any wound at all in this game.  Cool!  Wish we could have conquered all the city.  Good game.  So far, I've used 3 out of 4 of the knights.

Abu wants another session after dinner but I'm just too tired and my back is in pain!

OMG! Gears of War boardgame, unwrap!  NOUUUUuuuu I want to unwrap!

Some of the goodies.

Went to Restoran Eddie's for dinner.  Wanted the mix grill but they don't have it today.  Had Grilled Chicken instead.

Sure is packed today.  Nearly thought they missed out our orders.

On another note, Dan was showing me this video of the Mice and Mystics boardgame the other day.  It looks interesting and I'm looking forward to it.  Here's a video from BoardGameGeek at Origins 2012.

I'm also looking forward for the expansion of A Touch of Evil:  The Coast Expansion.

Till then.  My post is so far apart.  I guess I'll have more stuff to talk about next week? :)


  1. You sure worked (and ran) hard in those shoes! Sudah haus habis!

    But lucky you, your monthly visit is now. Mine will be the day of SCKLM! Horror! o.O

    Yes. Yes. Next week you definitely will have more things to talk about. :)

    1. Yeah train hard pretty much for 6 months before BIM. Haus teruk sudah tu. I think my right foot end up stepping funny.

      Yah! I was afraid aunty visit during SCKLM, lucky came early if not strain tu kaki o.

  2. Your kitties are so cute, I feel like getting a cat too! :D

    You know, to be honest..I'm kinda sick of gym already. I think I want to change to running pulak for a while (until I'm sick of it and goes back to gym) LOL

    Where would be a nice place to run for a beginner like me?

    1. Gerigitan aku sama my cats sometimes, terlampau manja.

      Neways, you should mix up your workout. Like try out new workout. Doing the same thing is boring. Btw, hmm running, I'd recommend run at Likas Jogging Track coz it's flat and 1 round is less than 1km but if wanna lari malam, the place is not fully lit, Perdana Park is also a good choice, according to my friend cause terang gilaks! But I never been there.

      If you wanna kasi kuat kaki, then run at Tun Fuad, do it in the morning best, you can jog/walk then hike.

  3. Oh ya, Tun Fuad sounds like a good place to run/walk since it's hilly over there. Bah, nanti aku paksa si Jaya to take me there. :P

  4. Uwah! The boardgames especially!

    (I seriously dunno how else to describe reading this post, just like you dunno how to title it)

    1. Yes, boardgames are so much fun :)

  5. and so hope u meet my elder sister, Audrey at the marathon...she is a kaki marathon oso....the cikin grill looks gewd :)

    1. oh kewl, tapi macamlah se kenal ur sis kan?

  6. Ahahahaa...ya ba kan...her face totally tidak sama with my face tuuu...ekekeeeee

    1. hehehe lagi susahlah mo cham sebab inda kenal :)