Sunday, July 08, 2012

7k Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run

I've been contemplating to blog about my KL trip.  It was fun and not so fun for me to the extent that I did not wanna talk about it.  On another note...

It's my 3rd time joining the 7k Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run.  No difference between the previous years, t-shirt + registration fee of RM28 (Increased by RM3 I think).  It rained at 3:30pm, do not care, I still just gonna run.  I brought along my camera this time around, thinking that I could catch some familiar faces for some photo.  But I manage to crosspath with some and did not take photo with.  I am sad.  I though, manage to take photo with the bunch that started with me.

Look at my shirt.  I look like I'm wearing pyjama.  Heck, my mum thought I didn't wear any pants leaving the house.  Seriously mum?

I think this year was fastest I've completed for this event.  37 mins 44 sec for 6.28km.  No, it doesn't mark at 7km.  I did not know how they measure 7km.  I never get 7km before.  According to my watch that is.  This year, start in front, but I guess it's still not consider front cause more people line up beyond the starting line and totally made our front as middle.  I was planning to just maintain 6:30 mins pace throughout but end up doing below 6 mins pace.  *fespam.

Also, I reach there around 4:30pm and left by 6:30pm.  OMG!  I'd stayed longer previous year.

On another note, I was running with this blister I had got from previous workout.  And it sort of expanded during my previous runs.  And for this run, blister got expanded.

I was in the state of limping last night and I sort of sleep late last night cause I was replying all the notification on facebook.  I know I know, I should spend less time on facebook, but I can't help it sometimes.

So, I woke up after 3 hours of sleep.  Tried walking, I was still limping.  Taped my foot after shower.  I can walk!  It's a miracle.  Well not really, I'd still have some minor pain from stepping.  For a moment there I thought I'm screwed.  Supposely do 16km but cut down to 12km due to this foot condition of mine.  Maintaining 6:30 mins pace throughout, till I reach 9km, I can feel my blister pop again.  At that moment, I thought, I'm definitely screwed but I kept going till the end.  Completed 11.8km instead.  But, not so great for my foot.

Blisters on my left foot and the tapes on my right foot were bloody.

So I guess I won't be running till this thing heals?  We'll see.  Now to wash that bloody shoe.


  1. get it healed first massy. please. :)
    and oh, i rili think ur shoe's the culprit. if it fit just ngam, no way u cud get friction in between. Hmmm

    1. Yeah I think so too, coz tapak haus sudah.

  2. Ouch looking at that foot of yours!

    LOL at your Mom's comment tho. But yeah, it t-shirt besar la... you do look like you weren't wearing a short underneath. kekeke

  3. Gosh.
    Fast recovery mas. :)

  4. Congrats on the run. That leg really needs to heal.

    1. Thanks Nick, I'm gonna get it check see if it's infected. Scared.

  5. hi Mas; it's my first reply on your blog eventhough i've been reading about it since your BIM post..

    i was there tat day but i only managed to finish in 41min.. you still kicked my ass.. lol

    holy... tat's a huge blister.. you should wait till it's heal or at least not much pain to walk on before starting to run again..

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for dropping by. I wish I could do more post but lately I've been slightly distracted. Hey 41mins is still a good time.

      Yeah blister got really bad when I continue running on Sunday. Went to the doctor today though. Got infected but doctor already gave me medicine to fix that. Thanks again.