Tuesday, January 30, 2018

[Events] Tomei 50th Anniversary: Xi Fu Wedding Collection Fashion Walk 2018

Tomei is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and I happened to be showing my sis a photo of Tomei's new Majestic Celebration collection 2018 (this is so pretty, I kid you not, but it wasn't available for showcase yet.  Maybe will be arriving this week) which I thought looked cute on Instagram 4 days ago and she directly called her contact at Tomei Suria Sabah to check it out, found out about an event happening on Saturday and RSVPed when I said I can bring her.  It's the Luxe Heritage: Xifu Wedding Collection Fashion Walk, showcasing Tomei's sets of gold and silver with diamond wedding collection, and life bridal's wedding dresses.

Program listing

I usually want to go KK early to avoid unnecessary traffic jam.  Was at Suria Sabah before noon and decided to go check out the collection at Tomei.  The white jade collection is really nice.  Members privilege of getting discount on that day, minus RM5 for every kg of gold.  And it's a good year to get gold!  We only can register at 2pm.  The sales rep is so helpful (he even told us to get that free umbrella and free parking).  The Pi Xiu agate bracelet caught my attention and it was on sale for members only for RM199 (NP: RM239).  And since my sis is a member, she got me 1 of these bracelet, and coz I didn't wanna spend money.  Lucky me.

Pi Xiu blocks negative energies, bring wealth and luck.  According to feng shui explanation about Pi Xiu.

Did you know:
  • If you're a Digi subscriber, you can redeem a FREE umbrella with RM150 above purchase? (while stocks last).
  •   FREE ang pow packet from Suria Sabah.
  • FREE parking at Suria Sabah.  
You're welcome.

Went around shopping after that, a bit rushing for lunch and sis wasn't hungry, so we went window shopping till 1:30pm to register for the event.  The entry sticker and goodie bags for members and media (only given after the event, smart).


Since the fashion walk will only start around 2:30pm, went to get drink from Ochado first.  Almost wanted onigiri with that.  Furikake onigiri from Ochado is the best! 

Took a seat nearer to the start of the runway thinking that I might be able to snap a close up, boy I was wrong.  The models were facing the other side coz lotsa photographer there.  So, you can say that I missed the whole silver diamond collection close up, only manage to snap the bridal gown.  The first white gown is so pretty.

The second collection is the gold Xi Fu Wedding Collection.  The dangling earrings and that white jade ❤.


Models were friendly.  Good vibes :) 
Goodie bag, managed to get 1 too.
Light refreshments from The Glass Grill and Bar.  Taste so good, they refilled. 

Thankfully we bought the bracelet early, so we didn't went in after the show, so crowded.  I skipped the lion dance, a weebit hungry.

Overall it was an interesting event, not much crowd seated, so shy oh you peeps.  

Had our late lunch (4pm is really late for lunch lol) at Seoul Garden Hot Pot.  Yummm.

P/S: I need a better camera phone.

Till my next post.  Happy reading.


  1. The angpau looks nice... surveying for ur wedding ceremony eh? hehehe

    1. 😱😱😱 nolah. No guy to marry with yet 😅