Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekend Buffet at Avangio Hotel Kota Kinabalu

Once in awhile, we would wanna pamper ourselves with a good meal.  Having a good diet is important but imagine having the same meal with the same portion everyday of the week, how boring.  (I was on an oat diet for a year before, and the thought of oats just makes me sick now ).  I try to workout at least 4 times a week and not feel guilty with food consumption (I have gone through a strict diet regime before, I just don't have the same mindset anymore).  Lemme just EAT HAPPY!

I remember having 2 times a month cheat day and it always falls in the weekend ❤ you know how we love the weekend.  Here's an option to enjoy your weekend.


This is the first time for me here at Mercato Restaurant, Avangio Hotel Kota Kinabalu.  Their current buffet promotion:

Promotion starts 20th January 2018 and available every weekend.

Time: 6:30pm to 10pm (Saturday) and 12 noon to 3pm (Sunday).
Price: RM48 nett for adults and RM38 nett for children (aged 6 - 12 years old.

And you can enjoy buffet for the price of 4 when you dine for 5!
For reservation and enquiries, feel free to contact: 088-536888.

Avangio Hotel is a 4 star hotel, managed by Accor Hotels.  Located next to Metrotown and Jesselton Medical Centre.  This hotel has a pool.  You can get updates from their Facebook and Instagram.

If you're wondering about parking, you have an option of parking your car at the basement and 1st Floor which is connected to the medical centre.  Parking fee is RM1 per hour.

Choices of food available, lets start with dessert.  We have cakes, honeydew and mango puddings, swiss rolls and kuih.

Finger food:  Samosa, vegetarian spring rolls and chicken dumplings.

There's also a salad bar with choices of dressing and pasta. 

Salsa apple with duck breast in shooter glass, jellyfish and fish hinava in spoon (I had to correct those labels)
Green papaya (son tam) in dish and pasta with tuna salad
Glassnoodle with prawn and honeydew with prawn salad
 Mushroom soup and bread.


Fish Maw.

Mains (there's white rice too but I didn't snap that).  

 Mixed vegetables and Nachia Briyani Rice (there's papadum too)

Ladies fingers with sweet chili and mixed chicken with tofu

Kung pau sauce chicken with deep fried pineapple fish

Beef rendang in peanut sauce and lamb madras
Tuaran mee
Infused water, air bandung and orange cordail juice, coffee and tea also available.

Some of the food that I had.  Also had the pudding.


Great weekend catching up with awesome peeps.  Thank you Avangio Hotel for having us.

Us! There's  more peeps not in the photo.


  1. :) soooo fasttt! yum yumsss im craving the glass noodles salad alreadyyy hahahah
    great catch up with the peeps! <3

    smiles from wan @ everything magical

    1. Yeah, if not it will be about hiking again hahaha.

  2. Adeh sadapnyaaa...bikin lapar d awal pagii haha

  3. Jum pigi lagi bahh..

    1. Wow bila? Weekend saja tu. Kasi Buy 4 free 1 terus ka? 😂 Se mo cari best peria guring ni.

  4. Good selection of food and affordable price too! :D

  5. RM48 only!
    What a bargain ni!

    1. Kannn, sangat. I think it's totally worth it. Free satu lagi tu.