Monday, April 30, 2018

[Events] Suria Sabah Fragrance Fair 2018

Just in case you forgot about mother's day this year, it will fall on the 13th May 2018 and here's an option for gift ideas.

Suria Sabah is having their 2nd Fragrance Fair at the ground floor in front of Metrojaya main entrance starting from 27th April till 1st May 2018 (that's 4 days!).  Tomorrow is the last day! Don't missed out!

Fresh flowers wrapped by Love Arrives 

Also get the chance to get to save with limited time discounts and markdowns on branded fragrances and gift sets, plus additional gifts with purchase on selected items.  There's also daily sample vial redemption, fresh flower wrapping from Love Arrives, these are perfect for Mother's Day and maybe could be a good gift for your love ones upcoming birthday gift too.

Way to go making a girl feel special ❤
I had the chance to attend the VIP showcase and tested some of the fragrances showcased last Saturday.

The winners for the Facebook competition.

Grand prize was a Paco Rabanne Pure XS worth RM360 ❤  If you wanna win these awesome prizes, don't forget to follow Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on Facebook and Instagram, links below.

Featured fragrances from Metrojaya are:-

For HE

Guys who prefer a more masculine type of fragrance should opt for Coach for Men (I know some of you guys love this type of fragrance), a more subtle version would be Dunhill Icon Racing.  The Paco Rabanne Pure XS Pour Homme has a more spicy smell.  The Montblanc Legend Night has a minty smell to clearing your nostrils, while Jimmy Choo Man Ice is a more fresh and relaxed woddy aromatic fragrance for men. 


I know what you're thinking.  I wanna know all about the unicorn!  What caught my attention the most:  Anna Sui Fantasia and Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal.  These 2 brands are some of my favorite brands of fragrances, and sometimes how a bottle looks plays a part to the decision making in purchasing.

Out of all these below, the ones that left a long impression is the Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal, smells so scandalous.  I think the ingredients plays an interesting part of this fragrance.  It's the smell every women could recognize, the smell of nail polish!  I know some of you gals out there love this type of smell.

If you prefer a more flowery or a more fruity smell, the Marc Jacobs Daily Twinkle has that, a mixture of bright bouquet floral fruity smell.

The fragrances showcased by The Body Shop.

The Body Shop White Musk L'Eau and Black Musk.

Personally, I love the smell of the Black Musk, it's lighter than the sweeter White Musk (if you love Burberry type of fragrances, this is the way to go), you can get these at a discounted price (30%!) and of you're a member, 2x reward points . WIN!

Also other freebies (with purchase of selected items) and wrapped gifts that you might be interested:-

Some gift ideas.

More gifts from the participating outlet for our VIPs.

Group photo of the models and organizers.

Fresh flowers wrapping by Love Arrives (Instagram & Facebook).  They also have handmade soap in Lavender and Rose for RM15 each.  Lip balm for RM12. 

Personal favorites: Anna Sui Romantica and my new favorite Coach for Women EDT.

There's another version of Coach EDP but that has a sweeter smell. 

I was also given a free vial of Obsessed by Calvin Klein.  Initially, I was thrown aback by the smell but after awhile it started to grew on me and am starting to get a little obsessed by it.

Delicious bites from The Glass.

Don't forget to follow Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on Facebook and Instagram to get a chance to participate and win prizes.

So, do you have a favorite perfume/fragrance that you would like to share?  

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I do agree with you too that the appearance of the bottle plays a very important part when decide which perfume/fragrance to buy. Like recently I am addicted to Marc Jacobs collection which designed in daisy and lady bug. But still my all time favourite would be Weekend by the Burberry which I have been using this for more than 10 years. Very hard to find now.

    1. OMG 10 years is a long time. It's like that one favorite perfume and they discontinued, sad. I had this likes for Zara perfume but same case also, kena discontinue, last I bought at Philippines. I don't think I have a specific perfume that I like, it changes like my mood. Thanks for sharing too :)