Wednesday, April 04, 2018

[Review] Never Take It Off Bracelets

The time I discovered Black Veil Brides's song Knives and Pens years back, I fell in love.  I've been following the lead singer, Andy Biersack updates since then.

Look at this band then, and now.

Also, while you're at it, check this out, this has got to be my favorite song from Andy Black.

Along that, I've discovered Never Take It Off bracelet from his partner, Juliet Simms, who's also the founder for Never Take It Off.

So, you must be wondering what is Never Take It Off?

“The Never Take It Off Vow Bracelets were created to bring strength to the process of change and choice. Each piece comes with a list of vows to encourage the individual tying it on to never give up, never back down and never stop trying. Never take it off…”
— Tommy Simms, President NTIO
Simply to put it, it's a vow bracelet/accessories with meanings.

I've been eyeing Andy Biersack merchandises for years since it first came out.  Last year before Christmas, the bracelets/chokers were on 40% off.  Decided to finally purchase it (even though I still think it's expensive).

Ordered 4 items a month before Christmas.  For USD10, which is actually not that expensive, but when you converted to MYR, it is!!! Totaled up to RM200, including shipping with tracking number!  Shipping cost me around USD16.90 😢  Actually the more expensive ones are mine heh.  Just coz am a big fan of celtic symbol (in this case a triquetra) and must have an Andy Biersack one.

But when I got the notification email about my shipment, no tracking number found.  Apparently NTIO had sent out my package in a form of 2 separate envelopes (please bare in mind to check shipping conditions when you purchase items.  Apparently tracking is only applies when you purchase more than 5 items.).  I was confused and disappointed at the same time.   I probably should go through the FAQ thoroughly next time.


Surprisingly, one of the envelope came 3 weeks after shipment date.  To my horror, only 1 came.  Waited few more weeks before I start panicking.  

The different color stamp on each mail.  I guess the 1st one really got lost trying to get here (first time, I think some postcards from overseas also got lost in the mail *sad Pos Mareshia WRY?!?).

I had emailed NTIO customer service for futher action.  We waited a bit longer and nothing came.  NTIO resent my missing 2 bracelet and finally mail came.  So ecstatic to receive it.  Thank you NTIO customer service (Allison) for the prompt reply. 

The first mail (image above), the bracelet and necklace.  The 2nd mail (image below), 2 bracelets. 

First impression, strings a bit flimsy and thin.  But it could work.  Prefers a thicker string.  Not sure how I can modify this.

Now the thing about this bracelet (if you're planning to wear it) is to tie on your vow and Never Take It Off, here's how to tie it.

Thinking about how this bracelet cost me, I didn't want to tie it this way and cut off the extra strings but had my sis to make it adjustable.  It worked for a bit but it came loose after, so I stop wearing it for the time being.  But, if you don't mind with not taking it off, the string will last you for a year and you could get a free string to restring your beads.

Would I get it again?  Maybe if it's FREE SHIPPING!

More info., Never Take It Off

Note:  This post is my personal experience purchasing this product,  sometimes, sharing your experience helps others.


  1. The bracelet look interesting. Especially every knots with different meaning etc TAPI why the shipping fee so expensive..macam bikin nangis ohhh huhu

    1. Because Mareshia jauh. Ko ada hilang mail ka? Sedih oh my mail ada yang nda sampai ni. And yes, I love how it has meaning for each design. But my favorite artist satu saja tu hehe.

  2. Wow... I didn't such band exist. What a name! Cool gothic-ish stuff there! HAHA

    1. I watch a lot of weird series sometimes browse through my YouTube feed and stumbled upon good music. 😂