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[Events] Sabah Fest 2018 Musical Theatre: Solungkoi: Jambatan Tamparuli

Sabah Fest returns bigger and better!

Sabah Fest 2018 is a celebration of Sabah's rich and diverse cultures through musical theatre and exhibition under one roof.  It happens annually in the month of May and will kick start the Ka'amatan (Harvest Festival) month with stage performance of Solungkoi on all three nights.  This event is brought to the public by Sabah Tourism Board and is organised by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd.
This year features a musical theatre of a famous landmark in Sabah, the Tamparuli bridge and the stories behind the construction of the bridge.  An epic love story 💜 .

Apart from the musical theatre, festival goers can expect to arrive as early as 4pm and indulge in a variety of food from various food trucks mentioned below.  Also other cultural and traditional activities includes coloring competition for the kids (happening on the weekends), traditional cooking competition (Saturday), art gallery, cultural show, bamboo orchestra, traditional games, contemporary fashion show, photobooth with traditional costume by Chanteek Borneo, handicraft exhibition by KADAIKU and Kraftangan Malaysia.  Admission is FREE.

Participating food trucks at JKKN Sabah to look forward to:
Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Shawarma Kebab, Hunger Lane,  Dapur Mummy, Astie MFT, Madinah ENT, 70s Street Kitchen and HM Store.

About the musical:

Had the opportunity to join the media preview last night
"Solungkoi", the Tamparuli bridge legend tells a story about a beautiful young local woman who fell in love with an outsider, a British Engineer, and later on became a human sacrifice to appease the river spirits.  

The musical stars local online socialities, Hosaini bt Jaimis (Keewon) as Solungkoi, Dane Kovacs (Orang Putih Kita) as Robinson, Jayfrejoe Japrin (JoeJaprin) as Intang, Dayang Hasnah Ibrahim as Odu, and with special appearance by Sakinah (Sakinah vs Ondu).

Tickets for "Sabah Fest 2018 - Solungkoi"are sold at RM50.  Show starts at 8:00 PM till Sunday.  For more information, please contact Francesca Lydia Chipli, Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd at 088-232121 or email to

The show is started off with traditional dances by a total of 98 performers from featuring the traditional dance of "Tarian Botumban"from Kiulu which will be performed live by students of SK Pekan Kiulu.  Dusun Tinagas Ranau ethnic dance, Tigol Kinondi Kondi Dusun Tenghilan ethnic dance, Kai Men Hong, Bajau Sama ethnic dance and Joget Ampu Ampu Bulan Brunei ethnic dance to kick start the show.

Tamparuli is a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran on the west coast of Sabah.  Based on a local folktale, the Tamparuli bridge was built by a British Engineer during the post-war colonial period.  Many stories were told by the elders to generations who live in the villages of Tamparuli Town about the famous Tamparuli bridge.

Disaat ku jatuh sinta deblang, tu nah bagi bunga

This scene cracks me up! 
Aduh Sakinah haha

In the olden days, the Tamparuli bridge was built to provide an easy and better access for the villagers.  The bridge continuously collapse due to being washed away by the river during rainy seasons.  After several attempts to rebuild the bridge failed, the villages consulted a spirit medium who helped them communicate with the spiritual world.  The spirits said that the bridge was constructed on sacred site, and "Ombuakar", the spirit said to live inside the Tamparuli river demanded for a human sacrifice as a compensation.

Oh NO!  Wait wait, what?
The main cast for Solungkoi: Jambatan Tamparuli musical theatre
This is by far one of the best shows I've been to.  The storyline, the cast, the production, the costume, everything was on point, it was wonderful.  I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.  Even the promo video and photos are awesome!  Love em.  You would notice some beautiful spots for the snaps and videos for this show.  Oh yes, and did I tell you that it's subtitled?  English subtitles.

Tickets are available at the entrance too the auditorium too.  Don't miss out!

More infos.  Sabah Tourism Board and SMB Magazine.

Thank you for reading and see you at JKKN Sabah!

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