Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Discover Unique Iftar Experience with Sutera Harbour Resort's Selera Kampung

Throughout this holy month of Ramadan, Sutera Harbour Resort beckons everyone to discover a unique iftar experience in the biggest bazaar in Kota Kinabalu with their famous Selera Kampung.


The promotion starts at 6pm and ends at 10:30pm daily at Grand Ballroom, Pacific Sutera Harbour. Take your time and eat all you can!  There is a dedicated prayer room with prayer mats and onsite ablution facility for Solat Tarawih led by Imam, special ghazal performance, halal-certified banquet facility and parking is free.

Enjoy ramadan buffet at RM128nett for adults and RM64nett for children age 6-12 years old.  Advance booking is required.  You will required to bring along the original voucher on the day you made your reservation.

I personally was very impressed with the effort they put in with the arrangement and decoration. 

For SHMGC and SPP members, present your membership upon arrival to enjoy a 25% discount (no bonus will be given).

A special discount of 20% will be given for bookings of 20 people or more and for guest staying at the resort.  Group offer is ONLY valid when dining in a group on the same day.

Various stalls offer countless spread that guarantees a satisfying experience daily.  A selection of cold drinks (air bandung, air tebu) will definitely satiate your thirst.  There's also choices of hot drinks like teh tarik, hot tea and coffee.


Live cooking and grilling outdoors features the Dalca Tulang Kambing, Kambing Bakar ala Arab with roti Arab, grilled fish and stingrays, satay and etc.


Stalls serving chicken shawarma, some delectable lemang with beef serunding, nasi kandar, nasi kerabu, yong taufu and curry laksa is also available at the indoor foyer.

Soups and international dishes like Rendang Daging Sumatra and Wet Butter Prawn with curry leaves also await guests at the foyer.

20 assorted kuih muih are served on a daily basis like the Popia Udang Kering, Rempeyek and Beronok Sagu among others.

Dessert stall also offers a rich option of scrumptious sweet course like Bubur Cha-Cha, Bread Butter Pudding with vanilla sauce and pengat pisang.  And who could resist the traditional ice kacang and ice cream with condiments of your choice.

The spread varies from time to time to give an even unique experience.  Other menu includes sup tulang, Arabic beef stew with long beans, ayam goreng berempah, ayam percik kelantan, gulai daging kampung bernenas, ikan pari assam pedas and stir-fried eggplant with dry shrimp in sambal.

Come and feast this Ramadan at Sutera Harbour Resort!

For for information and reservation, please call +6088 318 888.

You also can book via the link provided, here.  The sales representative will contact you once they receive the form submitted.

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  1. Fuiyohhh... abundance of food choices there. I will have a hard time to decide what to eat first! :D

    1. Lamb and satay is always my first choice hehe.

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