Friday, June 22, 2018

Hypergear Malaysia Promo

I apologize for the lack of update.  I know some of you guys might be waiting for my recent Maliau Basin trip, but fret not, I will do that once am done with getting my open water license.

My Hypergear drybag been to places: Mulu, Mt. Kinabalu, Kundasang, the islands etc
For now, here's what am gonna blog about.


Now, there's a lot of choices of drybags available in the market but Hypergear is one of the most well known (in my book, sorry) and it's somewhat pricey for some.  Even for this 40L that I own, it is selling for RM150 with a pair of straps, an additional RM60.  Expensive no?  Getting it is so totally worth it!  Trust me.  Ever since a friend suggested I get it for my hikes, I never turn back for another brand of dry bag, well unless I have too many stuff to carry, then I had to switch to a backpack with support.
For the past few weeks, I have been seeing a lot of Hypergear Malaysia ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Hypergear Malaysia has been giving out FREE (I think 100, and I saw this few times), yeap you heard me, FREE dry bag Q 2L in conjunction with ocean day (if I remember that correctly).  I couldn't believe it and just had to click the link.  But before I proceeded my order, I've seen a friend made the purchase before me and confirm the legitimacy of this who promo.

Hypergear 40L Drybag with padded straps 7-8kg to Mt. Kinabalu and back.

Now, this small dry bag is selling for RM28 (normal price) and are available in 4 colors (black, yellow, red and blue).  The curious me, I added the item into the cart (just to try it out).  Apparently you will have to pay a RM15 shipping fee (still cheap, I knew this thing is too good to be true).

Been putting that on hold till, one day, Hypergear Malaysia gave out a 10% off on normal item, I made my purchase, shipping is free for items above RM50.  I have own a 40L dry bag prior and thought I get a smaller one for my short island trips while protecting my items in the process.  Thought I could receive it before raya (when my trip to the island to get myself certified as a recreational diver), but no luck.   I though, received it on 19th June 2018 (took over a week, due to the holidays).  But good enough.  Ninjavan YUso slow?


I was tracking it on Ninjavan tracking site and saw the date typo and asked Hypergear Malaysia customer service for clarification.  I wasn't the only one who had this problem.  I guess the person who updated the Ninjavan tracking system was still on holiday mood.  Customer service was kind enough to guide me though, good enough, it came after I made my complaint. 

Here are some photos of the items I received.  It has a 1 year warranty, so don't forget to register your warranty ok?  

Also, Hypergear Malaysia is having a Buy 1 Free 1 raya promo till 24th June 2018 (I swear I saw the 30th the other day).  Sorry, if it's a bit short notice, I was busy.  You got 2 days to shop!  Better late than never hehe.  You're welcome.  Happy shopping! 

More info.  Hypergear Malaysia.

Thank you for reading :)


  1. I like dry bags and Hypergear stuff is pretty reliable! It's a must have for someone who love to travel or doing outdoor activities :D

  2. does the yellow one 2L drybag have a good quality?

    1. Yeah it'll keep your items safe from rain if am not mistaken. But personally I love the dry bags, the glossy looking ones coz you can just dump in a pool and it still floats. My items are definitely safe hehe.