Monday, October 01, 2018

[Food] Damai Foodtruck Gathering

I finally found myself at Damai Multipurpose Hall parking lot with my friends last Friday.  Thanks Charlotte and Beverly for letting me tag along. 

I always wanted to go there but my main concern was parking.  I finally realize that it wasn't a problem coz the foodtrucks use the far end of the lot while visitors can park at the nearby lot nearer to the building.

The Damai Foodtruck Gathering has been going on for quite a bit, handled by Estona Events and Promotions and goes on every weekend from Friday to Sunday, 5pm to 10pm.  The numbers of foodtrucks varies from time to time, so do follow their Instagram: estonaeventsandpromotions or Facebook for updates.

Also most foodtrucks offered payment via Boost app, just in case you don't have enough cash with you in hand.

Now lets move along with the choices of food and drinks offered at this gathering.

1)  Luk Luk


I can't believe they have Luk Luk here!  Many different sauce to choose from but my favorite would be sesame oil chili and the spiciest chili (which I don't know which one, you can ask owner for that).

The prices are depending on the color at the edge of the stick.


2)  Punk

Am terribly sorry for the poor photo quality, they didn't have light coz had problems with the genset.

I just realized they have ice cream!

Coffee cheese

3)  HM Foodtruck

Drinks and waffles!

Coconut shake, taste like coconut pudding

4)  Mario Pizza

IG: mariopizzabread

5)   Uncle Bob

Who doesn't like fried chickens?! I like mine spicy of course.

IG: uncle_bob_fried_chicken

6)  Smoko

I was eyeing the dragonfruit smoothie, hmm, maybe next time.

Mango smoothie

IG: kk.smoko

7) Meat and Loaf

I think I tried everything on their menu, well most of it!  They have burgers, churros, fries and sometimes some other special stuff. 

Churros! Chocolate or Caramel dip?
IG: meatandloafkk

8)  70s street

Their table is also a menu.

Nasi lemak sambal sotong RM7.

They also have nasi lemak ayam berempah, rendang ayam, sambal ayam, sambal ikan and lodeh! OMG! I would wanna try that.  I love lodeh.

IG: 70s_street_kitchen

9)  Air Tebu

And when you think there's only 1 kind of sugarcane drink.

10)  Indo Recipe

Nasi Ayam Penyet RM9.50.  Maybe next time I could request for more sambal?

IG: indorecipe

11)  Fysal Food Truck

Nasi kukus ayam berempah RM7.

IG: Fysal Foodtruck
Facebook: Fysal Foodtruck

12)  Mamaritos Foodtruck

Burgers, tacos, burrito etc for choices.

Vampire tacos and burgah!!!

IG: mamaritosfudtrak
Facebook: MamaritosFudTrak

So many to choose from.  It's okay, you can try one or two at a time.  Or go in groups and share.

I hope this will help you decide what to eat during your next visit, or not coz there's so many to choose from.

Thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment.  

Have a productive day!


  1. Food truck seems to be a thing in KK as well ah. Not bad can pay with Boost... I would like to try that Coffee Cheese!

    1. Yeap, not all though. Try everythingggggg.