Tuesday, November 13, 2018

[Activities] Lobou Lobou Trail, Kampung Natai, Telipok

I stumbled upon this when browsing around Facebook pages.

Got my friend, Mag to arrange it.

A newly opened trail at Kg. Natai, Telipok near Kokol.  This trail is handled by Natai Eco Tourism and brings hikers along a 7km loop trail with river crossing, waterfalls and caves, over 800m elevation a.s.l.

I roughly know where Kg. Natai is since me and my running buddies will pass through this junction before running down to Kg. Tombongon for our 21km Kokol Hill training loop.

Price subject to change, please check with Robert as per above image.
Price for hiking only is RM35 and for hiking and abseiling is RM55.

They also recently introduced a shorter route (estimated 6km) with abseiling option which we opt for our recent weekend hike.

We have chosen the abseiling option coz I never did it and always wanted to.  Besides, this looks fun.

I was having my usual sleeping problem the night before and had a roughly 3 hours of sleep, accompanied by diarrhea at 3am.  I almost cancel, took some medicine and hopes I don't shit brix on my way there.

Our meet up point was at Kokol Haven Resort but you can opt to drive yourself to the starting point as the map below.


  1. Wear long tights or long socks if you're afraid of leeches (very minimal amount spotted), I wore shorts.
  2. Bring sufficient amount of drinking water.
  3. Insect repellent.
  4. Med kit.
  5. Snacks.
Starting point.

Arrived early.  There were a lot of guides on stand by at the starting point with other group of hikers.

Food available for purchase at the registration counter.

We departed at around 7:30am.

Some river crossing.

This was the best view for me.  Paddy field 💜 ready to harvest in a month's time according to the guide.

Proceeded to the section to the abseiling point.

This was the starting point, and was briefed by the guide, Robert about the gears, safety and techniques when descending.  It is a 50ft wall (I wonder if it counts from the trail, where we stand), we had to lean back and let go of the rope as we descent, using our body weight.  I was a bit nervous but excited.  They also had a back up rope.

Risk is everywhere but safety is important.

Another section to go down.  There were some loose rocks at the wall. 

My turn!  Grip as hard eventhough they had the strap on me hahaha.  The guide got you covered.  What I had for safety:  A helmet, the harness and ropes.

This was fun and awkward for my first time.  I somehow don't have any problem looking down but was unsure if I should have just drop my legs instead of on the slippery wall.

We crosspath another big group who's doing the 7km loop, not sure if they added abseiling.

Last but not least, please respect mother nature.  Stop screaming in the jungle.

The setting up and waiting for each to go down is a bit time consuming but worth the trip.

We went up from the bamboo staircase at the left side of this wall.


Proceeded to our remaining loop passing through bamboo trees, some uphills and downhills, rivers, waterfalls and a cave before we return back to the starting point, where the trail ends.


Are we there yet?!

I had some battlescars (3 bruise and 1 scratch mark) going down Mama Hill.

Imagine my horror when we crosspath other hikers going up when we're heading down wishing us luck.  Was it that scary? Yes and no, depends if you're tired/ hungry.

We had to go down to Mama Hill before reaching Lintong waterfall, which was a bit challenging coz there weren't any possible way to stand.  You either sit or slide down.  There are some ropes but it was hard to hold on since the trail was muddy. 

Going down this rock means reaching the waterfall. 

We reached the waterfall at 11:35am.

Other interesting sites would be the Labi Cave and other waterfalls before heading back.

We're almost there!

Completed the trail in 5 hours.  God! I was so hungry (so I suggest you eat before going for this short but challenging trail) and sweat a lot but I only burn some over 500 calories only, WHAT?!.

Thank you Jupli for guiding us, it has been fun!  

Feel free to comment.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at Lintong-Kokol Trail.


  1. You are super duper outgoing! 5 hours is such a long trail!

    1. 5 hours is a good workout. I survived over 30 hours, 5 hours sap sap sui, uiseh.

  2. Hi . Wow such an interesting outdoor activity. How to contact the guide? I am so interested to hike here.