Monday, November 05, 2018

[Activities] Nulu Kebayau, Telipok

There are 5 hills at Nulu Kebayau, Telipok, it has been in operation since 2015 and has since received many visitors especially from the avid hikers.

My IG friend recommended to go there for sunsets when I inquire about the trail.  We had arranged our trip to the trail with the local guide earlier and he estimated we start around 3pm for that.  It's also nice to go for sunrise but you will need to get there earlier.  

The starting point for this hill is SK Kebayau, Telipok.  Now am not sure if, like me, the only SK Kebayau that I know of is located in Kota Belud, boy, I was wrong.  There is one in Telipok, located about 12 minutes drive from Telipok town (I will include the map as follows).

How to get to the starting point.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate (only the first hill might be a bit challenging for some but everyone can climb this IMO).
Duration: estimated 3 hours (depending on fitness level).
Fees: RM8 + donation (be generous).

Bring sufficient amount of water.  Don't forget to bring headlamp and med kit (mosquito repellent if you're prone to insects bite, no leeches spotted).  Recommended to wear long tights if you don't wanna get cuts from going through the trail.

We arrived slightly past 3pm coz all of us got lost with the provided map and waited for the guide to reach at our meeting point (Telipok town).  We then carpooled and reached the mentioned starting point, SK Kebayau past 3:30pm.

Tips: If you decided to leave your car and carpool from Telipok town, it is suggested that you park near the brightly lit shops. 

Started our hike few minutes after that.

The early stretch was some gravel paved road heading towards the first hill.  This short hike definitely will work your muscles till you reach the resting spot (waypoint).  Food, snacks and drinks are available here for purchase.

We proceeded to climb the first hill which leads to Nogutas Peak.

Passing through rubber plantation and fruit orchards, keeping it all natural with with ropes to support your climb up (a weebit steep but doable so don't worry k).  Could be challenging for some especially if it rain, thank god the weather was forgiving.  It was cloudy throughout.

I think I would be crawling my way up without these ropes.

100 plus!!!
You will return back to the waypoint where you still can purchase drinks and snacks.  Going down wasn't that hard.

Nogutas Peak! Signs and lookout tower for photo taking with a nice view ❤


 The lookout tower can holds up to 4 person.  It's sturdy and tested.

Heading back to the waypoint.

This is a toilet btw.  Cute right?
This is where the 2nd hill climb starts (which is near the waypoint where you went from the 1st hill).

An easier climb than the earlier hill.  Plenty of bamboo here.

Minor rope section for hiker's safety.

The view from the other side.  I think this is where the sun rises.

The 2nd peak was a camp site (which is now outgrown and abandoned), hopefully they will have this in the near future, this place has such a nice view and apparently was a spot to see fireflies 💜.

Proceeded to the 3rd hill, just in time for sunset.

Almost there.

And we're here!!! Lapai Peak.

Not much of a sunset but still beautiful.  Can see KK City from here.

We came down from Lapai Hill (the 3rd hill) by 6:30pm with our headlamps.  We spotted some fireflies on the way down.

Overall it was a fun hike, had long conversations with the guide, Joe about the trail and the nearby villages too.

My Garmin recorded somewhere around 7km and my fitness tracker tracks about 9km for the 3 hills (I forgot to bring my Garmin to day to upload the workout).

For more information about this trail, can contact via the following social media:
Facebook: Nulu Kebayau
Instagram: nulu_kebayau

Hope you enjoy reading this post.  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to leave a comment :) 

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