Tuesday, March 05, 2019

[Actitivies] Tegudon Tourism Village, Kota Belud

Kota Belud has a lot of hiking places and campsites, it also has plenty of instaworthy places with Mount Kinabalu as the background.  You could spot paddy fields in many parts of Kota Belud.  This time around, my group decided to go on a more relax trip, which doesn't involve hiking.  I can't say that we are hardcore when it comes to hiking but we love the challenge.  This trip is more about the stars.

Tegudon is one of those places that offers nice spots for star gazing, there's other places too like Kudat and Kokol Menggatal.  Check out Sabah Star Gazers for any future outings.  We also didn't have to wake up early to get to the campsite, left past lunch hour, thank god traffic wasn't bad.  Menggatal area is known for bad traffic, am not sure why the road is badly congested all the time, it's so annoying.  Not unless you go early, like way early.

Here's the cost info from my trip.
Entrance fee: RM3.
Camping fee: RM7.
Tent: RM40 (we took the 6pax tent for more space).  Different pricing for different tent size.  You can also bring your own.  You also can rent the huts for RM15 per night.
Dinner: RM12
Breakfast: RM7

Meals need to pre-book 3 days earlier.

Some part of Kota Belud with beautiful green paddy field :)
There's a more detailed info about rates in their Facebook page, which I included at the end of this page.
Other things to consider to bring:
Insect repellent/coil - MUST!  
Sleeping bag/pillow/blanket - It's cold at night, I LOVE IT!
Portable fan - It's hot in the morning, not funny.
Mat - in case you wanna sit or lie down looking at the stars at night.

Now lets get more into it.

We drop by Tuaran for late lunch, wanted to try Backyard Smokehouse but this place was closed for catering.  WHAT?!  It's okay, thankfully we saw this other place that I followed on Instagram,  Restoran Ganu Kite.  Had the nasi kerabu which is not bad, I would love more sambal, RM7.  They also have economi rice.


Other places to consider for food is the Tuaran Mee.  I haven't food hunt here yet so can't really recommend much.

Tourist attraction:  The Pagoda Ling San which is not far from the food place that I mentioned.  I initially thought it's a 9 storey pagoda, boy I was wrong. 

It was so hot, I barely can see the pagoda on top of a pagoda.

Also they painted the clock tower at the roundabout at the town, it looks pretty now.

Tegudon is actually not that far from Kota Kinabalu.  Probably less than 2 hours drive.

It's dry season now, we saw a lot of open burning and dry grass, heartbroken. 

We reached Tegudon Tourism Village at around 4 something.  Waited for the others to come.  Had a spot with a mountain view.

Brought my cabinzero for this trip
I think am in between camping and glamping coz I brought plenty of stuff with me.  The car is just a walk away.

Here's some view from the campsite. 

View from the hike to the suspension bridge

View from the other side
The secretariat, kitchen and huts for rent at RM15 per night at the far end.
Allocated camp and parking area.
Took some photos from the other side of the river.  Beautiful paddy field view but the mountain was covered.  Wasn't satisfied with my timelapse (not posting that).

Trying to redo my timelapse sigh

Tips:  Just because the paddy field is dry doesn't mean you can step on it.  Please walk on the path in between the space.

There's toilets and showers but the water pressure wasn't strong enough that we decided to take a dip at the river instead.  Fun fun.

Dinner is serve at the canteen or they can send to your tent.

Our pre-book dinner.  Local food.  Yummy :)

The lights were off at 11pm.  We had our mats by our tents.  I tried to do some star trails and star shots but it didn't looked too good.  It's cold at night so, wear long pants and long sleeves.  I love it!  I stayed up till 1am but my eyes just can't open anymore.  Decided to wake up at 3am to see the milkyway but I just woke up and look at the sky from my tent.

Got woken up for sunrise at 6am.

Woke up with this view was just amazing.
Tips: If you planned to take photo of sunrise, please don't block other people's view 😅.

Pre-booked breakfast.  Fried noodles, fried eggs, bread, coffee, tea with hot water 💜

Some of my gang.

The river was a bit dry but it's chilly.  

You can trek to Wasai Waterfall but we didn't add that to our package.  Also went to the other side with the paddy field, it's so beautiful but if you're afraid of heights, I suggest you get someone to go with you.  That's a long suspension bridge.  I think it needs to be maintained.  Broken board and it felt like it's tilting sideways in a way.  But I need to get to the other side.  I had flippers on, I wanted to take it off to walk easily but scared I might step on any nails.  

Left at around 10am.  It's really hot in the morning if you're not at the more shaded space.

Overall I think it's a nice place to chill but finds it a little too crowded for my liking.

While in Kota Belud, I suggest you to drop by the Gerai Makan Mee KB next to Dewan Tun Said Keruak for some Mee KB.  There's lotsa stalls there but sells pretty much the same thing.  Just pick any.  We went to Gerai No. 9.  This doesn't disappoint.  Yummy, so refreshing.  This was RM5 for small and RM6 for big bowl.  They also serve porridge and tofu.  

Wednesday is curry day and Sunday is yun tun (wonton) day for this particular shop.  That pretty much sums up my trip this time around.  Hope you enjoy reading it.

More info can be attained from their social media platforms:
Contact no: 013-6024089 (Liko)

Feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks for reading :)


  1. the views are just breathtaking! sure hope you enjoyed this trip and thank you so much for sharing!

    Myra | The Grey Lines Between

    1. I enjoyed the company of friends and thw cold weather at night. Too crowded for my liking 😂

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