Tuesday, May 07, 2019

[Event] Jom Masak & Menang Bersama MAGGI®

MAGGI® brings families together in celebrating the Kaamatan harvest festival.

28th April 2019 at 1Borneo Hypermall, MAGGI® is back with their awesome roadshow.  

Come the month of May, thousands of Kaamatan celebrants will be engaged in a month-long celebration of the harvest festival, which will involve a series of merry-making activities like
dancing, singing, and of course, cooking a feast for family and friends to enjoy!

MAGGI® has long been a part of East Malaysians daily lives, whether a mother preparing breakfast for her children, a university student whipping up something quick and easy or family and relatives coming together to prepare local favorites.
Ms Sam Shu Jing*,(沈淑晶)Pengurus Pemasaran, MAGGI Malaysia  

En. Alex Yap(叶鸿烈)
Pengurus Jualan Umum, Harrisons Trading

Tuan Rakam Sijim
Setiausaha Politik kepada Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Makanan Sabah sebagai wakil Menteri Pertanian dan Makanan Sabah

Quek Teng Hiong(郭程雄)
Pengurus Cawangan, Nestle Sabah

Jumardi Ambo, Pengurus Giant, 1Borneo Hypermall

This year MAGGI® is ramping up the festivity mood with its Jom Masak & Menang Bersama MAGGI® contest starting May 1 until June 30, 2019.

I commend MAGGI® for holding its fifth edition of “Jom Masak & Menang Bersama MAGGI®” contest in conjunction with the Kaamatan harvest festival, as it gives people from other cultures and countries the opportunity to learn and understand about the significance of the harvest
festival to the native Sabahan community,
said Rakam Sijim, political secretary to Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Sabah, Datuk Junz Wong during the launch of the & Jom Masak & Menang Bersama MAGGI® contest at 1Borneo Hypermall on 28 April 2019.

Cooking with Chef Muluk
Festivals and cultural activities such as Pesta Kaamatan play a big role in building social cohesion and strengthening ties between generations, especially when family members and relatives come together to celebrate their cultural heritage by cooking up special dishes for the family feast. In this, MAGGI® has been a beloved household brand for generations, and has become synonymous with Malaysian cooking,” added Rakam.
To stand a chance to win any of the “Jom Masak & Menang Bersama MAGGI®” prizes, entrants just have to buy participating MAGGI® products, collect packaging as proof of purchase (POP), answer two simple questions and submit the forms via Dropbox or by mail.  Easy right?

Celebrants can look forward to the build-up to the joyful season with the line-up of great prizes to be won during the two-month contest. There are 15 per cent more prizes to be won this year, with entrants standing a chance to win a Limited Edition Isuzu D-Max X-Series truck worth RM136,000, cash prizes worth RM8,000, kitchen appliances worth RM13,500 as weekly prizes throughout the contest period, and petrol cards worth RM100 for every 1000 th qualified entry.

Since MAGGI® first held this annual contest series in 2015 especially for our East Malaysian customers in conjunction with the Kaamatan and Gawai Dayak harvest festivals, we have strived to make each edition bigger and better, with even more prizes to be won by our loyal East
Malaysian customer base,
” said Quek Teng Hiong, Nestle Sabah, Branch Manager at the launch.
MAGGI® will also be carrying out 12 exciting roadshows this year in the run-up to the Grand Finale, with Era FM Cruisers appearing at selected locations. Watch out for these roadshows as consumers can come away with exclusive MAGGI® bag giveaways with purchases of MAGGI® products worth RM25.

Besides the "Jom Masak & Menang Besar with MAGGI®" competition this year, consumers can enjoy the additional flavours of their Pedas Giler line as MAGGI® is releasing its MAGGI® Pedas Giler 2X bowl – which is 2X the spiciness and 2X the tastiness!

Offering a wholesome and tasty solution to the family’s cooking needs, from MAGGI®’s tasty and aromatic seasonings made with real spices or our springy instant noodles made with high quality wheat, MAGGI®’s 2- Minute Noodle (M2MN) remains a hearty breakfast option for today’s
families that need to adapt and keep pace with the daily challenges,
” said Quek. 

MAGGI® Kari, in particular, offers a & Dua Cara cooking method which allows families to enjoy this irresistible variant as a soup dish or as a mee goreng. Made with a blend of 12 spices and real chillies, the spices in MAGGI® Kari will bring out the flavour in any variety of fresh ingredients like meat, vegetables or egg added to create a balanced meal, making for a perfect mee goreng breakfast for families on-the-go.

For more information on how you can enter and win the “Jom Masak & Menang Bersama MAGGI®” contest, visit or its Facebook page at  You also can find some awesome recipes at their website.


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