Tuesday, June 18, 2019

[Food] Ssamjeang Pizza Makes its Dramatic Debut in Sabah!

It's All About You!

As the world's pizza delivery expert continues to build a stronger presence in Sabah, Sabahans can be assured that Domino's Pizza strives to offer the best experience possible each time they think of having their favorite pizza.

Domino's promise, "It's All About You", was developed with the aim of providing customer first approach.  This promise reflects the brand's commitment to provide customers with the ultimate pizza experience through its ultimate pizza delivery experience through its unique selling propositions (USPs).  These USPs include Domino's product satisfaction guarantee, your pizza and sides are guaranteed to be hot, fresh, and great-tasting when they arrive at your doorstep.  Customers who are not satisfied with their order will get a full refund or replacement.  Additionally, customers who do not receive their delivery within 30 minutes will receive a free Regular Pizza voucher valid for their next order, while customers who do not receive their take-away orders within 15 minutes will receive a free Personal Pizza voucher valid for their next order.  Terms apply.

Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Domino's Pizza Malaysia and Singapore said, "Our customers have always been our inspiration and we place our customers as top priority in all that we do.  At Domino's, we aim to continuously innovate and offer exciting experiences along with delicious, high quality products at great value.  We also strive to grow our brand and ensure that each and every customer has a seamless and memorable Domino's experience.  Domino's first began our Sabah operations in September 2018, and today, we are proud to have six stores in this beautiful sate!  Our success in Sabah would not have been possible without the staunch support of our loyal customers who have always been the drive, inspiration, motivation and foundation of our efforts."

To continue providing unique and enhanced customer experiences to Sabahans, for the firs time ever, Domino's Pizza is presenting K-fans and spicy food lovers in Sabah with the dramatic arrival of Ssamjeang Pizza!  Sabahans have much to look forward to as the world's pizza delivery expert is set to offer customers a sweet and spicy delight, along with a thrilling dash of K-Drama.

Inspired by Malaysians' love for food, the Ssamjeang Pizza is sure to win the hearts of Sabahans.  First introduced last year, it proved to be Domino's top seller in 2018.  In particular, the Ssamjeang Beef Pizza was the best seller and Malaysians thoroughly enjoyed this pizza which was in the spiciest range available.  AS a brand that continuously seeks to provide customers with unique and unforgettable experiences, Domino's is excited to bring this highly addictive product to Sabah and meet Sabahans desire for spicy food.  Give your taste buds a fiery action with the "So Spicy, So Drama"and enjoy the Ssamjeang Pizza which is available in three varieties, namely Ssamjeang Beef Pizza, Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza and Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza.

The secret to Domino's tantalizing product is the spicy Korean sauce that Domino's specially developed as a base for Ssamjeang Pizza.  Featuring a delightful blend of spiciness and sweetness, the unique Ssamjeang sauce will surely leave you craving for more after the first bite.  To complete the arrival of Ssamjeang, Domino's is also introducing the much-loved Ayam-Haseyo Chicken Wings, a side of chicken wings baked to perfection, featuring a delicious coating of mouth-watering Ssamjeang sauce and garnished with fragrant sesame seeds and dried parsley.  In 2018, Ayam-Haseyo was the chicken side best seller as Malaysians could not get enough of these addictive drummets and midjoints.

Elaborating on the Ssamjeang Pizza, Linda added, "Our customers fell in love with our Ssamjeang Pizza when we first introduced it last year, and we are thrilled to bring this spicy excitement to Sabahans now!  We are confident that our Sabahan consumers, especially K-Fans will enjoy this latest campaign as we drew inspiration from Malaysians love for Korean food and culture.  They can look forward not just to our delicious Ssamjeang Pizzas and Ayam-Haseyo Chicken Wings, as we aim to bring the "So Spicy, So Drama" campaign to life via various exciting platforms and engagements."

Customers will be able to enjoy amazing value deals during the "So Spicy, So Drama" campaign, with promotions such as the Ssamjeang Buddy Combo which offers 1 Regular Ssamjeang Pizza, 1 Cheesy Cheddar Stix/Mozarella Stix, 1 Ayam Haseyo and 2 cans of soft drinks at only RM39.90, offering savings of RM25.60.  Customers can also purchase the Ssamjeang Pizza, 1 Regular Pizza, 1 Cheesy Cheddar Stix/Mozarella Stix, 1 Ayam Haseyo and 1 bottle of soft drink at only RM54.90, offering savings of RM37.60.

For even greater value, order the 2 Pizza Deals and enjoy the Ssamjeang pizzas with extra cheese.  Available from RM35.90 for two Regular Pizzas, RM56.90 for two Large Pizzas and RM77.90 for two Xtra Large Pizzas.  Ssamjeang pizza is also part of Domino's daily value offer starting from RM5.00 per personal pizza.

The Ssamjeang Pizza is available in all Domino's Pizza stores in Sabah from May 27 onwards.  Visit the stores or order online at, or call 1300-888-333 to make and order.  I usually order online coz it's so convenient and if you're a member, you get free sides or personal pizza hee.  Also share photos and videos of your spicy moments with Domino's Ssamjeang Pizza on social media with hashtags and tags @dominosMY, #dominosMY. #DominosSsamjeang, #SoSpicySoDrama and #ItsAllAboutYou!

More about Domino's Pizza Malaysia's Ssamjeang Pizza as well as other ongoing promotions, visit

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