Tuesday, November 26, 2019

[Event] Sabah Bakery and Hospitality Exhibition (SBAHE) 2019

The Sabah Bakery and Hospitality Exhibition (SBAHE), the first bakery and hospitality exhibition held in East Malaysia.  This expo is organized by Sabah Confectionery and Bakery Association (SCABA) which happened last weekend, the 22nd to the 24th November 2019 at first floor, ITCC Exhibition Hall at ITCC Shopping Mall, Penampang from 10am to 8pm (the advert says 10pm though).

This 3 days expo aims to invite individuals and companies to understand the industry as well as making new bonds with supplier from various companies.  At the same time, it will enable participants of booths to showcase their brand and expand clientele at the same time.  To further boost the expo, the International Federation of Chinese Bakery and Confectionery Association (Asia) were invited to be part of their guest exhibitor.

The expo consist of various participants from different industries such as Bakery Machinery, Food Ingredients, Frozen and Dry Food and Packaging, Industrial/Household cleaning chemical, F&B Software and many more that is related to the food industry.  The expo also hosts participants from a few neighbouring countries such as China, Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia with a total of 135 booths.

Being in an expo does spark some fond memories I had with my late dad.  I attended and been a part of an expo growing up.  It was an interesting experience.  Got to learn the types of ingredients and how it was incorporate in cake makings, also bought some yummy dim sums at RM22 for 3 packs with free 1 pack mantou.  Also some free sampling from some of the booths.  Got to see some familiar names like Consfood, Uncle Bob (omg they have chips now), Bake with Yen and many more.

Those 3D Jellies are so nice.

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend any of the demos due to other work commitments.  It took me 4 hours to finish going around all the booths phew.  Hope to see more food industry participate in the next one.

More info. about this event, here.

More photos of this event can be found on my Facebook page, here.

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