Friday, November 01, 2019

[Food] Halloween Fright Night Buffet Dinner at Cafe Boleh, Pacific Sutera Hotel

Happy Halloween 🦇 🎃 🤡 👻.

How did you spend your Halloween this year? I am always excited about Halloween and would spent hours watching horror movies/thrillers.  I used to play dress up in ky favourite characters, sometimes would custom made my costumes or just use whatever I have.  Haven't been doing em lately coz I have been busy and dressing up, putting on make up takes time.

My 2nd year to spend buffet dinner on Halloween with fellow Sabahan bloggers at Cafe Boleh, Pacific Sutera Hotel last night.  The place is amazingly decorated.  You definitely can look forward to the amazing cakes.  My favorite has got to be Pennywise from the movie IT.

This is an annual event, look forward to dress up next time, who knows you could win prizes?

The Halloween Fright Night Buffet Dinner goes for RM120nett per adult and RM60nett per child.  Unfortunately this year, it's only a night.  But if you don't wanna miss out again, follow Sutera Official via their social media platform listed below.

The staffs are dressed as scary characters from the movies, diners are excited to take photos especially with Valak (who is more in character this year hehe).

Now lets get on to the gory food.

The amazing dessert station!  Are you willing to cut some of these cakes?  We were contemplating about cutting the severed legs.

There's a teppan station!!!

Also we celebrated Mia's birthday too :)  Happy birthday Mia.

Hopefully I have something planned next year hehe.  Definitely got myself stuffed and had a good laugh at behind the scenes photos and videos by fellow bloggers.

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