Sunday, January 25, 2009

Road Trip: Butterfly Park

Beware: Long post ahead!

Remember the time when I blogged about going to Crocker Range Park for butterflies? (if you don't, well here's the link) Well, we found the place that we've been looking for. My dad actually started this whole visit to the butterfly park thing, well he read it from the papers. I'm just browsing through the papers at times for activities/events for me to update at CSP calendar.

I'd include a map, but the map in the brochure isn't that clear either. I mean it's a map of sabah, not the exact location of this place. But I can safely say that this place is located at Moyog, Penampang. Just follow the Penampang-Tambunan road aight.

Well then, I was up pretty early coz I didn't know what time we're leaving. So I thought I might be able to jog on a Saturday morning. I was dead wrong. My dad was up around 6am and his answer when I asked him about what time we're leaving was "Till everyone wakes up". I feel like an idiot. I could have slept longer hmph~ But nooo, I was worried that they would left me behind and wake up at 5:30am instead. Hey, I happen to love butterflies ogie!

We left the house around 8am or so, couldn't decide where to eat. But dad decided to drop by this place called Bundusan Food Court Centre at Bundusan of course. It's actually located near the car wash, before the roundabout near JPJ. Surprisingly nobody recommend me to go there and eat. So it's kinda my first time there.

Parking there seems to be a problem. But we manage to get our car parked near this place.

Couldn't decide on what to eat. This place serve many kinds of fewd. Oh yeah, and some of these stalls does not sell pork. I decided to try the Penang Fried Kuey Teow. Check out my raves, here.

My dad and sis went and try the Fish Head Noodle soup.

These cost around RM6.

Other fewd we had. Oh I'm stuffed.

Confused. It took around 30 minutes to get to our destination from Kg. Kivatu's Shell Station? o.O er did I set the camera time wrongly ka? It sure feels kinda far but not really LOL. Maybe it's becoz of the road huh?

Along the way to the location, you can see river. Very beautiful. I told dad to stop by on the way home.

We (my sis and I) also had our camwhoring session in the car.

She was trying to show her red hair. While I told her to move where there's more light XD LOL ignore my look. Erm, I have no explanation whatsoever.

My sis got this habit of looking at the after shot and deleting which she dislike hmph~ There's more shots of her than me *sigh. Then again, I'm, awkward. I prefer camwhoring. At least I know I look gewd LOL.

Aight, we reached our destination!!! Entrance fee is RM10 per person.

Opening hours: Open Daily (including public holidays) Time: 9am - 4pm

First impression. This place is nice. Very well maintained. Too bad no hostel, can't overnight. Oh I think there's no reception too. This place runs on generator. No electricity. No cold drinks. The gewd part, there's washroom/toilet at every stop. Which is great! Oh yeah another thing mum realized that this place is run by boys, I mean guys. No ladies found. LOL.

Oh yeah btw, don't worry about mud. This place have path to walk on. Too far beyond from being muddy. But you need lotsa walking up and down the stairs hehe.

We start here!

Notice the green roof building up ahead? That's the canteen. And look who's left behind *cough cough. A kewl thing about this place, everything looks well organized and taken care of which I love so much about.

I think they should make more of these. These is cute

Entrance to Butterfly Garden starts here. Well actually, on your left is the canteen. Behind it is the showroom and the Butterfly Garden, but there's still lotsa staircase to go. OH! I was so bz taking photos that I didn't count the number of steps LOL.

@_@ more steps to go *sweats.

We stop by at the canteen coz dad wanted to get a drink.

He found a beetle *giggles.

Yes! Finally! The butterfly garden.

The showroom showcasing many different species of insects. Don't worry, they labeled it. I was amazed. Not all the insects/bugs are local though.

Here we have the life cycle of a butterfly.

Outside the showroom, there's 3 fish tanks filled with lizard, scorpion, beetle etc.

Now, we shall get into the butterfly garden. Lotsa plant and flowers there. There's also lotsa butterflies.

We also found this centipede. Er, but this is not dangerous. It's just fugly looking *cough.

Oh yeah, in the butterfly garden, you'll be able to see spiders, dragonfly, tons of butterflies, cocoon and etc. And if you're lucky. You get to do this.

The butterfly is still learning how to fly. Oh yeah, and the dood behind my sis is our guide. He'll explain what plant and the life cycle of the butterfly. Very friendly dood. I think his name is Jaito. I can't remember. Funny when sometimes he only knows the plant names as local calls it.

Dad heard me complaining about my lens *cough cough. *hint!

Tons of butterflies!!!!

I think we were inside this garden for more than half an hour. My dad went on to the orchid garden without us. Hmph. More like, he went there alone, went to the canteen for a drink, then join us at the Orchid Garden again. LOL.

I'm just gonna post up some of the photos I took at the butterfly garden coz er I have more than 300 photos to choose from. *sweat.

The Native Orchid Garden. There's also pitcher and hoya plants there.

There's a white screen with 2 spotlights set up there for the night insects show. I'm so tempted to go again for this.

The place started pouring around noon. Oh yeah, don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave aight.

Not forgetting a family photo (without the 2).

For more information, please contact:
013-8689830 / 019-5302298 / 019-5308883

Fax: 088-272672


So I thought, there goes the plan to visit the river. Lucky for me it was drizzling for few minutes, so dad took me to one. Yay~ Thanks dad. But it started pouring again right after. LOL.

testing the shutter speed. sorry ah, shoot from the side, coz I could get to the center and it was raining.

See, I don't have problem looking for models. LOL.

I normally sleep on on the way back from a trip.

Mum wanted to go to Citymall on the way back. But the area to Citymall looks kinda pack so I suggested we go to Giant Kolombong instead. Thought of a light lunch but instead, I ordered lamp chop @_@ oh nois.

This lamb chop quite nice, check my rave here.

We were there till 3pm. I think we waited for mum from shopping at Giant for an hour or so in the car. OMG. I was so tired and I need sleep. My evil sis took a shot of me when I was on the phone with my mum. She thinks it's funny, I also think it's funny eventhough I look fugly LOL.

Stop by Inanam (the Restoran Juara area) coz sis wanted to get some hair dye. Saw people selling durians. Well, more like I was tempted to try this red/orange colored durian.

They call this Dalit? It sound like Darling LOL. It's DALIT XD

This 1 cost RM10.

The taste? I don't like it. Urgh~ I had 1. 1 is enough to torture me. I mean it doesn't taste like the normal durian. Hmm I don't know how to describe the taste. Urgh.

It was raining heavily when we got home. I didn't get my sleep and I was sort of uploading my photos. Didn't get to blog this last nite coz I went out for the Dumpblingz outing with CSPians. I didn't eat till my bro got there. LOL. Went home around 9pm. Was it 9? Or past 9? I forgot. But I was watching this movie called "The Dark is Rising" till midnite. Not a bad movie but I dislike the ending. I mean, after all that, you'll end up saying "That's it?!"

Oh yeah, I notice there's lotsa thriller movie on Astro these days. How nice! XD

I thought I was gonna blog after the movie but I was too tired. So yeah, I was typing it halfway till I fall asleep. There goes another day for jogging.

That pretty much ends my post for now.

Have a great holiday everyone! Thanks for reading again.



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    * reads, reads, reads... *

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  2. Panja: lets go road trip!!! XD I wanna go again XD

  3. The Dalit.
    Does it taste like clay?


  4. arine: yes, macam clay ewww *bluek~

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    omg butterflies!!!
    i wanna go!

  6. rach rach: bring vam vam..lets go xD

  7. i every week limpas that place but never once stop to have a look. perhaps someday.... :)

    i like the 1st river shot. :)

  8. The place look really nice.. Hey Massy, have you been to masilau? Tempat dia mcm di paras tgh2 mount kinabalu sudah tu.. it's nice place.. cold and nice..

  9. Aj: Mesilau, macam se pernah pigi limpas limpas dulu ni...

  10. chegu: wahhh...every week @_@ anyways yeah, should go there, nice oh the place

  11. wow! that's amazing!!!

  12. new place to jalan!

  13. meia: yeah, very nice the place.

    perry: hehehehe yes! XD

  14. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Of all things I've tried to photograph, I never had success with the iguana..

    Long post but good read ;)

  15. Jaxon: XD eh? never had success with iguana? hmmm, this one doesn't move hahahha, anyways thanks

  16. I know you don't celebrate the CNY but here's wishing you and your family a prosperous CNY. May the cows bring you loads of 'moo-ney' and good health :D

  17. nick: thanks. I want moo-ney~ XD gong xi gong xi

  18. waaa bestnya...nanti kalau balik KK mau gi jalan2 di sini laaa
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    i'm hungry now after reading and viewing those nicely taken picture of delicious foooood...what to do shop close already cook maggie lor hehehe

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  23. I like this park! Very the relaxing one... nice kalo pigi for a weekend getaway to hilangkan stress.

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