Saturday, January 30, 2010

Didn't quite go according to plan

I could never understand why mums likes to "tapau" leftovers from seminars/meetings.  I mean seriously.  If you're in my house, you'll never be hungry.  I mean this house is never empty. 

Imagine this.  Since I told mum that we had a meeting last Wednesday and how I didn't "tapau" anything, mum told me to bring an empty container and some plastic bags.  For this kinda situation.  Awkward.

I know my bro does this all the time but for me, it's still awkward.

And since today, there's a meeting at work.  Seriously, I made that whole process farnie enuff that I don't realize I was doing it LOL.  Me and my colleague were laffing hard while filling our containers with food.

Today's menu?


Guess which I filled my empty container and plastic with?  

Anyways, friday nite was suppose to be boardgame nite but uncle is sick and...

Since the "usual" boardgame place is open for members ONLY, we decided to play game at Internet Arena.  Oh yeah, but before that, since Fresh @ Citymall is closed down, we decided to try the ice cream at Ananas. 

I had Strawberry 21, which consist of homemade soft ice cream, almond flakes and slices of strawberries.  Also chocolate syrup which is optional.  In this case, I skipped the whole chocolate syrup thing.

While Panja had...Choco Bella X Ferrero Rocher.  Chocolatey~ 

Check out my rave, here.

Oh and I just realize Ananas have a blog, click here.

I guess the whole Friday nite was partially ruined since no boardgame session.  But ice cream is gewd ;3 Oh, and playing a game that you're not so familiar with is farnie.  I WANT BOARDGAME.  Uncle, get well soon!

Pleasant weekend people!


  1. wahh rainer sick??tell him to get well soon.. and massy u said, biggest loser asia.. but that foods.. haiyyaaaa

  2. There's always charlie

  3. ice cream at ananas...ahhhh I want!!!!!! must go city mall this weekend

  4. don't mind la! foods look great ;)

  5. ananas is one of my regular haunts, went there once a week for the ice-cream ^_^v

  6. @cube: jangan ghey ok.

    @aj: yeah, yesterday I sms him tot wanna boardgame but he said he's sick.

    @dx: you and your charlie *facepalm.

    @joan: yes ;) go go hehehehe

    @han: I'm trying to lose weight >.<

    @nova: OMG! once a week?!

  7. I think I should go stay in your house la, in my house it's perpetually empty cos the boys are perpetually hungry ... LOL!

  8. @Nick: HAHAHAHAHHA yar, come come. Loads of fewd here @_@

  9. HAHAHAHAHA! I have a friend whose mom even tapau those buffet food in hotels!

    Anyway, can I move to your house instead? I'm always hungry :P

  10. @cindy: ahhahahahah bulih bah, we can have bbq and steamboat ;)

  11. Its a virtue not to waste food haha^^

  12. @Kelvin: hahahahah yes, tapau anything you can? XD