Saturday, January 09, 2010

DIY: Gakken Twinlens Reflex Camera

Firstly, thanks to Kwan a.k.a aks for introducing this to me last year during HobbyCon.  And many thanks to babymoli for informing me that I could get it from Kinokuniya (*sigh not in KK).  I went through emailing Kinokuniya to having Kwan help me get it from Gala Gala.

This would be my third (3rd) film camera.  Well actually my forth (4th) only er I can't remember where my olympus camera went *sweat~.

Anyways, I receive it last 7th Jan 2010.  Been wanting to "fix" it but I got really tired after my "run".  I jog after work with my brother.  Many thanks to Kwan for the guidance.  I went through the manual and the video just to make sure I did it correctly.  No, I'm not a perfectionist but I wanna prevent from redoing it.  Hehe.  Finally got time today.  Don't ask how long it took me.  I started around 6:30pm with loads of break (hey I "need" to finish playing emo Kingdom Hearts game on DS ogie) and finish it just now, yeah like around 11:30pm?  *facepalming.  Hey! I can't read Japanese ogie?!

Anyways lets start with the magazine shall we?



There's other pages of sample photos, camera history etc oh and not forgetting the manual.  But it's in Japanese (too bad T_T I can't read, I read some chinese character though, ogie sorry lame joke).

Next is the parts.

Oh gawd, I feel so sleepy and tired now.  But no worries.  I'm gonna edit all the photos and post it by tonite.  I hope.

Aight back to progress.  The manual (in Japanese).  The diagram helps a lot.


Aight, here me out here.  Actually, one of the reason why I didn't start assembling it instantly is coz I was looking for screwdriver.  But guess what?  This seriously caught me off guard.  SCREWDRIVER is provided.  OMG!  How kewl is that?  It took me quite a long time to recover from that.


Heck!  And there I was, late for work, just to look for my darn screwdrivers.  I seem to misplace it.  Somewhere....over the rainbow hehehe.

Oh and I actually took over 40 shots of my progress but I don't think I wanna post the photos now.  Well since there's some tutorial online.  In my case, I use the manual and mijonju's "speedy" tutorial. Thank gawd I can pick up fast ;)

But he suggested me to watch Raguna's tutorial.

Another reason why it took me hours to finish, I was playing with the shutter hahahahahahah.  Oh man.  I can't help it.  I wasn't satisfied with my assembling skills that time.


Oh and I got sort of confused with the mirror.  Both sides same? @_@ pick one.  It's like pick a poison.

And I forgot to attach the screen for this one, had to remove and attach it back hehe.

Overall it was fun!  I don't mind assembling another one.  It got me all excited and slightly high. 

Here's the final product ;)  I'm proud of myself.

Er oh, sorry for the lousy photo.  This is wut happens when you assemble stuff when you're tired.

Some sample photos from mijonju's flickr, here.

Will get some test shots soon.  After I'm done with the superheadz XD

Now, who wants one? XD


  1. wow... u DIYed ur own cam... classy :)

  2. hahaha looks great! now its time to skin the gakkenflex!

  3. Mas, minta pinjam when you've done your shots. I wanna make mold of all the parts so I can cast one set for myself :D

  4. wow! cantiks! XD

  5. @Henry: Yes, eventhough it took me few hours. I hope I did it correctly XD

    @Mijonju: I wanna spray it XD kekekeke *thinks of a design XD

    @Nex: hahahahaha ogie bah bos XD aku mo test dulu XD

    @amy c: buy! XD

  6. i spray mine:-

  7. Noreen: kewl! I should have sprayed mine darn it.

  8. I had one too .. But I plan to get another mirror since its a gift from a friend of mine. He bought 2 and gave me one of his w/o the mirror since its a toy and I thought of using it as a deco. Then I google to find out more and it's interesting to see many to have a good comment on this Gekkanflex. Now I need to find a mirror custom made with 2.6 cm x 3.7 cm TT.TT

  9. Ahh kewl! ;) yes, all the best!