Thursday, January 28, 2010

Minor update

I've been wanting to blog about last week's BBQ party, roadtrip and domokun bag that I help my brother get but I'm just not motivated.  Maybe it's the weather or maybe I got gas?  That whole fat/lamb/chocolate eating session somehow effects my weight.  How would I know?  Hohoho, me and my bro bought a weighting scale *uhuk~ to keep track with our weight loss hah!  I'm overweight.  Dammit!  *sigh.

Oh yeah, I got a weekly schedule btw.

Tuesday nite - Biggest Loser Asia.
Wednesday and Thursday nite - American Idol.

Other than those 3 days.  I'm so called free.  Heheh.

Anyways, watched today's American Idol audition at Dallas Texas and heard a song I like.  Was trying to look for it.  I swear the voice is so familiar but I couldn't seem to come up with her name that I had to go through google, youtube browsing and had to repeat the part with the background music.  It was crazy.  I'm not sure how long it took me but....


And it's a song by Taylor Swift called Breathe :)

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do.  Erm, I'm gonna postpone my other post to some other time. 

And my frens been bugging me to change my layout.  I'm so lazy.


  1. Aloha... hmm, I don't really like watching Asia's Biggest Loser. Don't know why haaha. and ya I like the song too. Hmm your pals complain bout your theme? :P

  2. @Arms: ahhahaha I said wanna change my layout since last year lagi. Adoi.

  3. I have a schedule too but mine goes like this:

    Monday - So you think you can dance
    Tuesday - The biggest loser
    Wednesday - American Idol
    Thursday - American Idol
    Friday - Midsommer Murders
    Saturday - The only free day I have
    Sunday - Wipeout


  4. lots of tips we can learn from that programme. Biggest Loser. Nick.. wow u're fan of Hallmark.. i only watch Oprah and Biggest Loser on that channel

  5. @Nick: waw 1 w eek filled with tv shows.

    Aj: i used to love watching oprah.

  6. oh this is the song... XD thanx massy!

    *cari mp3*

  7. @Amy C: YATTA! Lets sing ;)

  8. bila roadtrip kita?

  9. @Clay: cuba ko tanya drebar XD