Monday, January 11, 2010

Random photoshoot day.

That's what I did last Sunday with Flannie and yeah I dragged my brother along.

My bro took my Holga and I was testing the superheadz that I won from theclickshop.  Too bad I couldn't finish it.  Should have load it with 24 instead of 36.

Was supposely to meet up with Flannie at around 10++am but someone was late.  *roll eyes.

Went to eat at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru at Suria Sabah (located at the lower ground floor, opposite of KFC).  Taste the same but portion is sad.

Nasi lemak cost RM2.95.  Set meal with drinks (teh tarik) is RM3.95.  With paru goreng is RM6.90 wth.

Aight before I get to where I've been with my film cameras, I just wanted to say that we (me and flannie) went there for after lunch and there's lotsa people, I ordered the nasi lemak with paru goreng and orange juice.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice and all except the part they didn't send in our drinks even after we asked for it three (3) times.  3 frigging times dood!  Heck, they're not even understaffed like hello?!  What the hell are they doing?  I think we waited for 20 minutes and canceled our drinks.  *sigh.  I think some left coz the order were too slow.  Lousy service.

And my rave, here.

Okay, fuuuuu~ done complaining. 

Oh there's a Times Book Fair at Suria Sabah from the 7th January to 24th January 2010.

Now back to where we start and end our film shooting. 

We walk from Suria Sabah, to the mural place near HSBC (we were there for quite awhile).  And it was hot, I mean seriously hot. 

Bottle of urine spotted urgh~

I got few other photos but I'm too lazy to put watermark XD

We went to Gaya Street after that.

Had a bottle of cold mineral water.  We were fascinated with our local t-shirt.  So cute the designs.

Went to waterfront through Wisma Merdeka (we need aircond).

At Waterfront.  Crabs spotted.

Erm, sampan dood @_@"""

Vandalism.  I don't know if I should be sad or laff at this.

Pretty much it.  My film not finish yet.  Maybe gonna have some sunset or sunrise shots taken?  See first if I'm not lazy to drive around town.  I got a bit of sunburn on my arm and face =_= I look like a clown.  *blames self.  I couldn't find my sunblock.  Must have misplaced it.  I went home around 2pm.

Was lagging around watching tv.  We had steamboat at home.  Bro in law prepared lotsa fewd. 

Urgh, there goes my diet.

All these for seven (7) people?  OMG!

We also had series of blackout that day.  5 hours earlier that day and at nite for few minutes.  Dad was pissed.

It was like our last family dinner.  *sigh.  Eldest sis and bro in law went back to Langkawi while 2nd sis went to KL for work *sigh.

That's pretty much what happened on Sunday.

Now additional for Monday.  Another boring day.  It rained but we jog with umbrella.  Maybe I shouldn't bring one.  Besides, a little rain won't hurt rite?

Went to 1 Borneo coz bro wanted a new shoe.  But he end up with a new pair of jeans *facepalming.  Aren't everywhere suppose to be on sale?!

Oh we went to Michi for dinner.  Shared a bowl of Maguro (Tuna) Spaghetti.  Tastey~

It was on 50% promotion, so yeah price = reasonable.

And don't forget to check out my raves, here.

Anyways, I better go shower before I end up sleeping with smells of sweat. Urgh~

Oh and I bought a BIG basket for my clothes.  No more dumping clothes on the bed.  YATTA!  I need to find time to iron em all orz.


  1. Howdy! Hardcore jugak? Hujan pun pigi jogging...bawa payung lagi tu!

  2. @Perry: yar! semangat mo kurus ni.

  3. bilang diet tuu.... nasi lemak tu high on everything tu

  4. @Aj: itu lain hari, doesn't count LOL.

  5. hola Mas :)

    haven't tried nasi lemak antarabangsa kg baru. perna nampak sana puchong tapi malas mo singgah...

    Hepi new year... hehe

  6. @Nessa: first branch here in KK XD Happy New Year to you too ;)

  7. Ok, those crabs would have freaked me out ... LOL!

  8. @Nick: hahaha what? why? XD

  9. jog with umbrella? i'm trying to imagine how you manage to do that..hihi..

  10. @mama mia: hahahahaha XD walk with umbrella. jog holding the umbrella is not fun.