Sunday, January 23, 2011

23rd Jan 2011 Post

For the sake of updating.

It's been raining a lot lately.  I've changed my running schedule for weekdays last week coz it rained almost everyday after work.  I'll say it's nice to run in the morning but I'd be late for work.  Trying to figure out a way to not be late for work, maybe I could bring my stuff and shower there?  Hmm, I can't do that either since I dun have the key.  Unless I came around nearly 8am hmm, will figure something out.

On another note, dad wrote his first book.  About cocos community.  It's more about the history of cocos and the culture, I haven't read it yet and it's in Malay.  Available for purchase, interested gimme a buzz.

Last Wednesday, met a friend I know from IRC days for 12-13 years.  We had problems meeting up for a long time.  Thanks to another friend for arranging this meet up XD

This morning (Sunday), I challenged myself by running 14.41km with a friend while the others did 10km.  The run I did previous week was 12km, that was sort of a steady run.  While this week, I've suffered few km pressing my tummeh and making stitch go away.  I reach a point that I couldn't run anymore and had to walk for 6 long minutes *sigh.  But compared to last week's run, I guess I was fast this week.  I'm not sure how many km I would wanna do next week, maybe 16km but I'm gonna start slow and increase my speed.  I think I'd normally start fast and slow down till I reach the end.  I think I better get a watch so I won't have to bring my handphone to record my time.  I tend to strain my hand that I had to switch every now and then. 

My progress at dailymile, here.  Less than 4 months before Borneo International Marathon.  Am gonna slowly increase the distance till 21km. 

Been trying to correct my posture for a week now.  It's not that easy even with a strap, when I'm at home, I'll curl on the sofa.  How bad is that? 

I have lotsa things in my head now.  There's so many things that I wanted but I couldn't get.  Not that I don't have the money, more like I feel the pain of using up so much cash at 1 go.  It'll drive me nuts.  Anything that exceeds RM500 will drive me nuts.

Okay, I think that's about it for today's post.  I feel tired already.  I wasn't that tired earlier, hmm maybe am gonna like wash my clothes first.  I need more shirt and short pants! RAWR!  Why can't the other brand short pants has zipper at the back like adidas ones? *sigh.

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