Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Delayed Post: 1/1/11

I've been wanting to blog about this since that day, but I was too bz and too tired to.  I've been sleeping early, like 9pm early this week.  What's wrong with me?  Most of my friends are down with the fever, and today it's my turn.  But no worries, I recover fast, or so I think?

Anyways, lets start.

Our plan on New Years was to visit Larry & Vince's Farmstay at Kg. Sinulihan, Inanam.  It's very near to my place.  Mum saw the ads in Daily Express if I'm not mistaken.  I think the whole fishing thing caught her attention.  Btw, they've been open for a year if I'm not mistaken, they're on facebook, here and they have a blog, here.  I think their rate is RM75 per head (inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner).

So, we weren't the only ones there.

I think if it rains, it's gonna be muddy and they need more parking space.

Mum's first target, the pond.  Fishing to be exact, btw, the fishing gear are provided.

If you catch any, they'll cook it for you.  Damn, I was tempted.  Fresh fish are delicious man.

A lot of water lily.

Wear sandals is a bad idea.

These are interesting.  But I hate mosquitoes!  But fear not, mosquito net provided.  Got nearby waterfall too, can picnic and BBQ.

Mini zoo, okay if you call it a mini zoo.  Anyways, there's a snake in a cage near where the puppies where, but I didn't take photo of it.  I hate snakes argh!

Damn the fewd smells delicious.  But were were just checking out the place, maybe next time try stay there.

There's dogs and puppies too, I think it's the owner's.

What is this cuteness?! *fainted.

Next destination, we went to Kasih Sayang Boutique Health Resort & Spa or known as Villa Kasih Sayang?  More info, you can check their website, here. Just use the Kg. Kokol road.  I didn't know dad's fren own this place.  Very nice place but a bit pricey.  Standard room rate is RM198.00 nett for 2 person and Deluxe Room is RM248.00 net, I think can fit 6?  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Along the road you get to see KK view. 

Parking is a problem though.  But this is a good place to relax.

We had lunch.  Food on the menu looks healthy.  Everything is healthy and pricey.  But delicious. 


Food and drinks.

Dad's vegetable soup.  This smells good, I didn't get to taste it though.

My pasta and my sis's chicken rollade.  Plus drinks.

My raves, here.

Oh yeah, it's very cooling there too.  Almost like Gunung Emas.  I won't say cold like Kundasang coz that place is not cold unless it rains or past midnight.

After lunch, we went to Mari-Mari Cultural Village, also around the area.  And I thought my dad trick me coz that place doesn't sound real to me.  I'm guessing this place is like Monsopiad.

Btw, you have to pay RM75 for cultural show.  Not sure wut else they have there.

More photos via facebook, here.

Overall it was a fun road trip around the area.  Maybe Dad should bring us road tripping again in the near future. 

I'm sorry if my post is a bit short.  I'm just gonna post more photos instead of text and summarize everything.  Am really sorry if it's all messy too, delayed posts aren't funny.  You tend to get a weee bit lazy.


  1. been to Kasih Sayang, nice but yes, it is pricey and parking is a problem...hubby went to Vince & Larry early last year if not mistaken for his hobby, RC stuff and heard it is a nice place to stay.

  2. By the time i am here,i believe you are strong and kicking about already ya.....

    i have never had the chance to be in any farm stay, and don't know how it is like lol....

    have a great weekend ya

  3. @jppmom: I wanted to stay at Vince & Larry once maybe but I'm sked of reptiles.

    @eugene: Pleasant weekend too ;D

  4. good place for weekend retreat. thanks for sharing this massy :)

  5. @chegu: kan? nanti I bring my parents jalan jalan again ;D cari tempat berlindung.

  6. Jewelle9:48 PM

    Interesting, saya pernah dengar pasal the Vince's place saja. The rest semua tak tau lah, nanti kami balik pi try..

  7. @Jewelle: Nice kan these places, I want to try stay there ;D one of these days. Hmmm wanted to plan another trip to Kundasang one of these days.