Friday, January 28, 2011

Sushi Tei, Suria Sabah Dinner Outing

Clay had tagged a bunch of people to a photo on facebook on the 10th Jan 2011.  The discussion started there, fallenone then tagged few people for an outing via facebook last Wednesday since Sushi Tei Kota Kinabalu branch is officially open on 23rd Jan 2011 (I think).  How exciting.

Went to Suria Sabah after work, I was suppose to leave 10 mins early but I had to wait for my Dad's laptop from the supplier, he came at almost 5pm.  I left the office 5 mins before 5pm and cars were piling up.  Slow moving, not the piss off jam yet.  Arrived at Suria Sabah few mins after 5pm, brought along Dad's laptop with me coz I didn't want to leave it in the car (had bad experience of leaving stuff in the car, not farnie) and the laptop is without the bag.  I sent it for service on Monday, I had to hand carry it coz I don't know which is the bag.  So yeah, I was carrying it till I feel strain around my shoulders.  I went for window shopping though.  More shops opening at Suria Sabah.  There's a Mango (MNG) branch there but no sale and not much interesting stuff there.  Boo hoo.  I though saw some interesting dress at Vunfa but the price is ridiculous.

Met my sis around almost 6:30pm.  I was sitting at a bench somewhere in the mall coz I'm tired of carrying the laptop around.  Meet up with Clay, Pinky and Alien.  I guess everyone sort of came early.  There was 10 of us altogether.

We were having a hard time picking our orders.  Check out the menu.

Big menu is big.

Dessert and drinks menu.

More photos of the menu via facebook, here.

Our fewd.

My raves, here.

Group pictah!

Total bill

And something EPIC.

Just in case you dun get the joke.

What's even more funny is that they had the original song Without You by Mariah Carey played too lmao.

Just found out Sotong and Fara were there almost the same time as we were.  But didn't get to meet nouuuuuuuuuu~

Anyways, lets do this again peeps! I want to try other fewd!


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    from many sushi tei i go, this is the 1st outlet that so bad... once i come then soo hapy.. but the blacksut women make me no mood to eat there... she let me n my friend go in but after that no serve... soo unhappy for that to say but only 1 i wan to say that she is not good.. i think that the normal staff is better then her... from the way the normal stuff serve is better then she serve... soo better the normal stuff also use the blacksut... how come she got the possition, that women name (bibie) is good then the blacksut(jay)... if like this, the sushi tei cant stand like sushi tei in tropicana..

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    hello there sushi tei... im vick.. now i wan to know that ur blacksut that wearing tag (jay) is a worker or what in sushi tei.. if she is the worker at there better tell her that learn to serve costumer nicely.. this is because when i go to eat there no serving, no smilling, and many more.. i was more enjoy and happy if the normal stuff serve me this is because the normal stuff is more nice than that blacksut women.... i think u all better change the normal stuff go to blacksut cause the normal stuff is better then the blacksut women that call herself as assitant manager.. how come...

  3. @Anonymous: It's my first time there, though I didn't have any problem with the service, was it crowded? Hmm, am gonna go again this week, see how it goes.

  4. yes.....i like sushi....