Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Mini Quest by experimental playground

After weeks and weeks of sms spam (okay maybe not), acing (my friend) finally agrees to meet me on Monday (yesterday) for dinner.  Since he wanted soup, and since I couldn't think of any place that serves soup at nite, we decided to go Olde Station Kopitiam at Citymall last nite.  Yamchar!

But before that, I went to pick my sis up from work yesterday.  First time to the Cosmopoint campus at Tuaran ByPass.  Mum with her directions, lucky I roughly know where it is.

Reason why I had to pick her up from work and had to wait for an hour coz I leave work before 5pm and she only finishes around 6pm.  Means I have an almost an hour gap of time to waste.  1 lorry stuck and 2 container blocking the road yesterday.  Mum couldn't get out and I probably couldn't get home.  Scared I might be late but I manage to reach Citymall exactly at 7pm hehe.  No, I didn't speed.

Had dinner.  Bad choice.

Bad cough.  But dang the sambal was good.

At least I can slowly enjoy my chrysanthemum tea.  A bit sweet though.  And why Old Station Kopitiam becomes smaller? 

There was 3 of us there and bunch of peeps drop by to say hi.

And acing took this opportunity to let us test his game.

It's called "The Mini Quest".  It's a simple fantasy adventure game for 2 - 3 players.

Players take on a role of an adventurer roaming the island of Seapoot (See-Put) solving quest to unlock the secret to defeat the Monster Boss, WIZARD MONSTER!

Players will roam in a hex-based board. The board consisted of 3 different areas; Mountain, Forest and Desert. Each area will have its own line of monster that you will face. Players will battle the monsters to gain gold to buy some accessories - preparing for the Monster Boss.

What do you need?
Pencil, eraser, dices (six sided).  What else?  That's pretty much it.  Oh and 2-3 peeps.  This game shouldn't take long to play.

Your character choices here.  Umm, the green one is the Big Bos.

KILL BIG BOS after level up!  Want die ar no level up?

How to level up?  
Go to any of the 2 city (in this case, The Kingdom and Pryde Fort) to purchase items from the market.  Your max AP is 5.  *hint GET THE MOST EXPENSIVE STUFF! MWAHHAHAHAH Okay maybe not.

How to get gold?  
Complete quest or encounter monsters and kill it!  You can heal at either the city or the village.

12 different types of monsters you might encounter.

We didn't encounter the strongest and the weakest monster.  *sad.

There is an option to escape but we didn't get the chance to use it coz we're too ballsy.  ATTACK!

We start from "The Kingdom".  Each player can move 2 spaces on each turn.  On the start of the turn you may choose to do an action. All the rules, quest and gameplay is on this sheet (image below).  Notice the 4 alphabet cut outs?  Those are quest.  Once a player finishes 4 quest, the bos will come out. 

*halfway I'm trying to do a shortcut about this game but I think it won't be enough, so I'm gonna start from beginning till the end of explanation to my understanding that is.                                                                                                                                                             

Available for download in .pdf format at their blog site, here.

Simple no?  Overall game is fun.  Lets try other games next time.  I wish I could explain this better but it tends to get all messed up coz I remember bits and pieces here and there.  Besides, there's already some explanation on the site and on the .pdf file attached on the site, you just have to go there, download and print it.   Hehe. 

Acing explaining the game.  Massy distracted with taking photos hehe.  Did the explanation takes 1 hour? Really?

Rina and Abu dropped by to say hi.

dx came after 9.  When we finish the game.

Must have a photo of me and acing. Punya bidak my hair!

Uh oh, soursop from the garden.

That's it this time.  Till next time.  Wanna watch movie this week!  Lets go!


  1. Looks interesting and simple.does it take 4 hours to complete?

  2. @fallenone: took us less than an hour. Around 45 mins or so, we could finish early but we chose to level up kao kao.

  3. @fallenone: Hey nick let's try this! I improve the next version first! and as they said, it is more or less 45 minutes :)

  4. @acing: I want to encounter dragon. Tinguk bulih idup ka ni.

  5. @mas: dragon is hard but not as hard as when fighting the boss. Besides you guys will be chickening out when encountering the dragon at AP3 or less!

  6. @acing: I would want to encounter once at least.

  7. You know, someone should invent a running game la ... LOL!

  8. @Nick: I could suggest that to my fren, see wut he can come up with.

  9. sepa dreb tuh benda? ada rally ka happening around tht i dunno abt?

  10. @rizal: benda apa dreb? drive ka?