Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern Movie Outing + yamchar

I got a habit of preparing stuff really early like getting the movie tickets for 12 peeps 2-3 days earlier from actual movie date.  I think this is the most tickets I bought.  We almost took full middle row.  Coz the middle row have like 13 seats.  Btw, the movie is disturbingly funny.

I went to Suria Sabah right after work, I had to leave early coz I'm the only one left and the cleaner lady wanted to lock up already.  It's like she's shoo-ing me out from the office.  oTL.  Met Sakuya and accompanied her to do some shopping.  While walking around, I thought about that overpriced dress at Wisma Merdeka.  Gawd, I got this bad habit, when I saw something I really like, I really want it, I MUST get it.  *slaps self.  I've already refrained myself from trying it out to minimize the "damage" but it doesn't seem to work.  Guess I'll drop by tomorrow or when I'm free.

I planned to have fruits for dinner but surprisingly the food court doesn't have any?  Y U NO fruits?  Had to eat chicken rice instead.  I had too much rice ARGH.  *hates.  gained 500g from that.

After dinner went to 100 yen shop.  Sakuya bought this really cute little table.  We had to leave it at the car, not crazy enough to bring it to the cinema, walking towards the parking, saw acing parking.  Interesting is,

These cars belongs to CSPians hehe.  6 of us.  I just had to take photo.  Kewl, ain't it.  Hehe.  I got a sort of gewd memory, recognize people's car, I can only remember certain people's plate number, if I seen it often enough I mean lol.  Why do I even bother?  

Movie finish around 2 hours later.  Pick acom up from Cocoon and went to Taj Curry House at Foh Sang with everyone else.  Took some photos.  Nova took a video of us there but got the date wrong.  Anyways, here's his link.

Me and my babe.  How long has it been?

Everyone else.

It's been fun!  I end up sleeping at 1am though.  Bummer.

On another note, we've upgraded the CSP fb page and notification been flooding, it slowed down already, thank gawd.  Hehe.  Btw, join us here.

Last but not least, I saw this video upload from Sakuya's wall and fell in love.


  1. I watched Green Lantern yesterday too ! lolololol yeah it's so funny ! 8-D Ryan's body so hot hur hur /nosebleeds

  2. @kichan: some part I think we laff so loud, sakit jiwa. Oh, ada tu part scan body then check out body omai.

  3. i heard its disappointing... i need more rice!!! plus fruits too! :D

  4. @henry: okay okay la.