Sunday, June 05, 2011

Huawei IDEOS X5

Remember my previous blog post about the smartphone?  So, I finally got it, but a latest version.  Not the one I wanted.  I got tempted with the extra function in the above mentioned phone.  Cost more but it's WORTH IT!  I went over budget though but it's alright cause I still can survive. 

Been downloading free apps from android market.  I currently have 4 types of camera apps installed hehe.  And in comparison with my "tarper", sakuya, I've taken more photos and uploaded more photos to facebook hehe.

I'm gonna post it here, hopefully it can be arranged nicely.  Blogger could be a bitch sometimes.

Retro Camera.  One of my favorite apps.  Though, camwhoring is a bit difficult, have to know where is the button cause the only way to do it is to press the button on the screen.  And not randomly press, there is a button on the screen!  Which is located usually on the top right of the screen.  And it's round shape.

Little Photo is the latest one I tried.  Easier to capture cause you just need to press the screen.  Any part of the screen will do and it has loads of effects.  But I have yet to try every single one of it.

I got em new shades hehehe.

FxCamera, sort of another cool app.  But the other day, I was changing the setting and it sort of hanged for awhile.  I'm so gonna remove this.  But then again, maybe I should reinstall hahahaha.


Can record video with this phone too but I'm a bit lazy to upload the video.  Besides, it's of my cubicle XD and no sound cause I forgot to remove the earphone when I recorded that.

Anyways, went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 at GSC Suria yesterday with 8 other peeps.  In 3D cause they don't have in 2D.  It was nice!  Funny.  I think I had around less than 5 hours of sleep.  Went to Sakuya's house to learn make "homemade" drink (which I might blog about next post), went to Suria by er was it 11am-ish?  Walked to Segama to look for stuff, it rained, walk in the rain back to Suria.  Lunch at food court around 1pm.  And start watching movie at 2:30pm to 4pm.  Looked for my sis.  She skip the whole movie thing and went shopping.  I think a bit high.  Tarped somebody to Brands Outlet.  I bought 2 sunglasses for myself.  Yes I'm greedy!

Thought of getting something at Segama but shops were closed by 5pm.  Saw the fried lobak stall and bought 1 for myself.  Wooh! Price increase but since it's been awhile since I last eat this.  BUY! For dinner.  Hehe.

Still the same uncle.  Awet muda o.

I had almost half of this and gave most of it to my sis.  Impulse eating is bad. 

Went for a 10km run this morning.  It was bad.  My body reject the whole process.  Personal opinion.  Woke up late.  Less stretching, less motivation, body strain.  Lol.  Maybe.  I'll do better next week.  If there is any 10km running session.  Lols.

Okeh I think I should go shower.  Oh wait.  I think I should go cycle instead.  Hmm.


  1. I love the retro camera effect. Sungguh cantik! I wonder if BB have those sort of apps. :X

    ..and you ran 10km??!!! I would've lost my limb somewhere if I attempt a 10km. Ha ha ha! Good for you, Mas. Keep it up. I hope someday I will ikut jejak langkah you. :)

    And looking at the lobak stall.. WAH! Still the same uncle yang jual under the jambatan tu kan?? LOL LOL LOL Used to go makan there at night with my ex (when I was still working in KK) :'(

  2. @cin: My 10km went really bad. I stop running at 4km. Body rejected the whole running process. So force walk 10km lol. I dunno if it's the weather or what, but I keep overheating. Anyways, yes, lobak stall still same location and same uncle, he dun age one. Takazut se. XD

    Btw, free android apps ;D gila sudah se download ni.

  3. Woohoo! Welcome to the Android user club :D I simply adore the Android OS and it works so bloody well on my HTC Desire HD that as far as I'm concerned it puts the iPhone to shame :D

  4. Nick: Thanks. Yes! Android is kewl! XD crazy on apps.

  5. Anonymous11:26 PM

    hello, i'm derrick...
    i was searching about Huawei IDEOS X5 on the net and happened to come to your blog....
    can you please let me know about the performance of this device?
    how is the quality? is it functioning good?

  6. @Derrick: Thanks for visiting my blog. Anyways, I've been using it since 1st June this year. No complains. Camera function is fine, flash (useless, overexposing the photos taken with it) I don't use flash unless for flashlight (android application available for free).

    The battery drains up quickly if you turned on a lot of running application like facebook, twitter and so on. I have roughly more than 5, it last me a day. Unless I turn it off then it could last me longer like 2 - 3 days maybe.

    I think the main reason I got this phone is coz I saw a fren using a different phone and browsing was fast. I mean surely depending on your connection but it was fast! I fell in love directly.

    Anyways, I don't really know wut else to say about the phone but most of my recent post with photos are from this phone. Low light condition is bad when taking photos. Maybe I should try it with flash again. I've tried the video function, smooth and clear but I think I need to get a check on it coz it have those square thing like bad reception in between after recording. I'm not sure wut's wrong with it. Maybe my external memory card?

    Phone lags if you open a lot of application all at a time. When you close it, it doesn't kill it, so need application to kill it. I use Memory Booster coz I tried using other application, this is sort of the best for me.

    Anyways, I don't know wut else to say but if you have any other question, ask away.

  7. Anonymous11:53 PM

    thanks for the reply!!
    i was struggling to choose either samsung galaxy ace or this huawei ideos x5, i watched lots of reviews on youtube and it turned out quite a bit of a problem with the x5, since they cost so much the same, i wish to get one that is really a bargain...(cos of my low budget obviously)...what do you think? i'm going to get either one next month, so would like to have some feedback on the phone from you, eg: gaming performance, phone call quality, wifi & 3G connections, MMS, video recording, HD video playback, and the built quality~ and do you have friends using the galaxy ace? hope to get some information as well...

    from Derrick~

  8. @Derrick: My earlier choice were a samsung and this but since samsung was way more expensive, in this case I wanted the galaxy S2 lol. *faint. I chose the bargain one. I've never use a Galaxy Ace though, sorry, can't help u in that department.

    Gaming, lemme see, I have 3 version of Angry Bird and some other games. No lag, it's like playing on an Iphone. I let my friend who's a Iphone worshiper to test it and he finished some of the level for me oTL.

    Wifi connection, I use home and work one no problem. If public, I've connected Suria Sabah food court, runs smoothly. But some public places don't gimme connection at all. Like very very bad connection. I though use Digi 3G all the time. *points at self, foursquare addict, I check in everywhere I can lol. In comparison of the 2, I don't mind paying RM60 per month for 3G lol. But then again, connecting saps away your battery life, just like any other smartphones.

    I don't send a lot of MMS coz I normally send photos to a friend via Whatsapp/Email or any other application. But I do receive em. The sms/messaging is really convenient okay maybe too convenient coz I have one between me and a friend, it's like msn history consist of over 600 messages, I wish I could show you but. It's like, you know how when you sms you get 1 message and it piles up in your message inbox? This one compiles all into 1. So, 1 sender = 1 history.

    Video recording, smooth but playback HD, I have problem with that, then again I think it got something to do with my memory card or something, I should get that check.

    Anyways, I usually check the huawei ideos x5 thread at lowyat for any reviews/help/application that I can test on.

    Have you had a hands on testing on both of the phones yet?

  9. Anonymous12:40 PM

    thanks a lot for the reply and sorry for the late reply!!!
    you have me a very detailed information about the ideos!!
    may i know where did you bought your x5? and how about the price?

    the best bargain i can get so far is 850 with 8GB card for the ace....
    i dont know about the current price of the x5, but i would definitely like to know about it...

    i feel quite bad though, cos so far i havent been able to rest my hands on both phones.....for the ace, it's sold out most of the place, and for the x5, i still cant find an official dealer.....that's why i cant compare both on the spot....

    i struggled because the x5 has got a much better spec than the ace, but i preferred the customer service of samsungs, and after quite a lot of research and study, i find that very few people complained about the ace....

    still still still struggles.....
    HD video playback is not an important issue since i dont really watch videos on phone, except on youtube.....and i like the camera function very well.....i heard that the flash of the x5 totally destroys the photo taken with over-exposure, is that true?

    anyway, the big screen and high resolution of the x5 tempts me....argh.......>.<


  10. @Derrick: Hi, I got mine for RM850 without the 8GB memory card. Additional RM for that. Hmm, I think could get it for RM840 if you nego hehe. I got my phone from Centre Point Sabah.

    For the IDEOS yes, the flash tends to make the photo overexposed, that's why I don't use it, as for video, youtube no problem only the video recorded in HD.

    I found a lot of kewl photography application that I couldn't be bothered by the flash lol.

    Heheh, I also had the same problem before getting this phone. It's just a matter of which attracts u most or just follow your instinct. ;D all the best.

  11. Anonymous3:31 PM


    alright, thanks a lot mate~
    then i guess i'll stick to my ace then~ just seem attractive to me~

    and really really appreciate for all the information and also the kind replies....

    most of all, it's really a pleasure to get to know you~

    any facebook profile?
    would like to add you in my contacts and keep in touch~ :)