Monday, May 30, 2011

Bro's early birthday dinner

What's with the weather today.  It's so hot it's crazy.  Since today is a holiday, everyone seems to be sleeping in.  Weird enough for me, I slept at 2am and woke up at 7am.  My body clock is screwed that it's not funny.  Anyways, I think in this crazy weather, not only you get sleepy, you also get a lot hungrier.  I had bread and egg for breakfast, in between had cornflakes, 4 slices of raw papaya, 1 banana, rempeyek, tom yam soup and dinner at Thai restaurant.  OMG!  I'm stuffed!

I also fell asleep while watching tv.  I moved to my room to stay awake by playing Picross 3D on DS (yes, 3rd time to complete).  Yes, I'm crazy.  I think I was on a massive complaining spree today.  Anyways, was gonna go to cardio workout tonight when mum told me we gonna celebrate my bro's birthday today with dinner at Nok Thai Restaurant at Damai.  I can't remember when was the last time we went there.  A year ago?  Maybe longer.  I miss this place. 

Oh yeah, bro's birthday is tomorrow actually.  31st May XD

Blueberry cake.  A bit sweet.

Let him make his wish and cut cake first before leave the house for dinner.

Setting the camera on auto timer.  IT'S MASSY'S JOB!  Lol.  Yes, I'm always the one who have to set it and run to position.  That's why you always see me at the left or right sitting or standing position.  Normally I'll just put it on the table but since this table is too low and the surrounding tables are also the same height, I had to carry a box filled with A4 reams on the table and place my camera there.  I had to pull the box slightly to the edge of the table so I could have at least a bit of space.  My first photo I took looks nice except it's not center, coz I thought I might just fit that space, didn't know that I need a small space only LOL!

Our dinner is at Nok Thai Restaurant, Damai.  Ahh this place have the nicest food.



Lucky I had a bit of garlic rice only, if not can't finish.

I think total around RM150++.  Thanks mum.  *burps.  Okeh, tomorrow is a new day.  Must exercise! BURN BURN BURN!


  1. The last pic.. cendol bah tu kan? Oh myyyyyyyyy I WANT!!!!!!!!

  2. @cin: Yes! Cendol! Sedap o XD