Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Burger King MADNESS!

Okay maybe not madness, more like craving. 

See, I've been wanting to eat some Burger King burger/s since before the marathon.  But since I was scared that it might interfere with my performance and weight, I decided to wait after the event hehe. 

So, last nite, me and bunch of friends went to BK, Damai yay.  I met my mum otw out from the house with my sis there, I ask if she'd like to join me.  And she did, somehow it was funny coz she nearly fell trying to get from my mum's car to my car lol.  Slippery road is slippery, more like muddy.

No, I'm not eating all that.  ARE YOU CRAZY?

Y U NO peach tea? Or ribena?

Stop thinking about being healthy for awhile.  Hehe.  I'm 48kg last nite, today I'm 49kg and I'll burn em in tonite's roughly an hour cardio yay~  It's a great plan!

This is my Double Mushroom Swiss *drools.


We were there for 2 hours LOL.

Oh yeah, the BIM2011 results are out!  Check it here.

I'm ranked 23/78 in the Half Marathon Women's - Malaysian category.  Not bad for a first timer? The time is bad though!  I could do better.  Now, to register or not to register for Standard Chartered KL Marathon in June?  Hmmm.  This is gonna cost me.  And I'm not sure coz I might go KL end of May for a friend's wedding oTL.

Oh I'm so addicted to this.  Marie Mai's - C'est moi, she's HAWT!


  1. Have to drive 100km from Kuantan to get my whopper :(

  2. @Meor: *pat pat, there's only 2 branch of Burger King here ;D