Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It's Tuesday already?

So fast.

Last nite went dinner at Pizza hut with mum and the siblings.  It's because of this 50% off promotion thing.

But sad thing is, it doesn't apply on Public Holiday.

According to the T&C.

•  Wow Saver prices applicable from Mondays to Fridays. Not valid on public holidays.
•  Valid for dine-in only.
•  Each person can choose one item at 50% discount.
•  Promotion not valid at Pizza Hut KLCC and Genting Highlands.

We ordered these instead coz our choices does not include in the combo menu.


I'm stuffed.  Went to Grace One at Taipan Inanam for awhile but they don't seem to have a choices for women sports wear.  Y U NO sports wear for wimming?

That's about it for yesterday.  Legs are healing.

Anyways, today, I went to Perodua Service Centre to check how much the price to change the keylock.  To my surprise.  For 1 cost RM215 (KL price, KK price is higher, dunno how much though), but changing one means you'll have 2 keys (DO NOT WANT), so made an inquiry for a set, guess how much?  I think my jaw dropped for awhile.  RM700++ WTH.  Went home and went out again with mum.  Did some scouting at Inanam area.  Went to 5 different shops (most of em either don't have or sold out) till finally found this shop near Maybank at Inanam New Township.  Got it for RM250 for 1 set.  So much difference in price.  Had to wait 45 mins for them to install it.  Told mum I was a bit thirsty, so went to look for a place to drink, till I came across this nice "belacan" smell that I had to go there and eat.

So we went here for Curry Laksa!  Never been here.  My first time.

The view of the shop.

And my orders.

Will go back to try the other noodle soup.

I was gonna post photos of my black toe and blistering foot but I better not or you guys might vomit your lunch or dinner hehe. I think I'll skip work today. A bit too late to go now.