Monday, May 23, 2011

Plank at Tg. Aru Beach Outing

My knee has been paining for few days.  I have no idea what's wrong with it.  Taking running a bit slow these days.  And what irritates me is when the pain comes and goes as it pleases.  But then again, I sometimes can be really stubborn.  Anyways, my whole plan to jog in the morning yesterday failed.  I woke up feeling all crappy because of the knee pain.  Couch potato for the day.

Planned for a plank outing at 4pm at Beach 2 Tg. Aru but Sakuya called me to go early to swim at the beach.  Yay!  It's been awhile.  It was fun.  I just hope I don't get sunburn.  Cause it was hot.  On another note, I sort of almost forgot where Beach 2 is located, till I saw the signboard.  It took me 20 - 25 mins to get there from home.

Friend made these.  A bunny and miku.

Some of my friends who did some planking at the beach.  Not enough peeps to make the word "Plank It".

Human BBQ anyone?

Must change clothes.  We walk from Beach 2 to Beach 1.  There's only 1 that is open near Beach 1.  oTL.  Good walk peeps.  RM0.50 per entry if to shower.

It's 6pm time for dinner.

But before that, lets camwhore.

I thought of eating Penang Fried Kuey Teow.  Looks nice but taste *sigh.  Pours more chili.

I forgot to request for chicken instead of seafood opps.

Also had chicken wings.

I'm stuffed.  After dinner, go home.  Oh, a bit of a bad idea to leave the car at Beach 2.  The way back is creepy, it was so dark that it's not funny.

Anyways, if wanna see more plank photos, go to Gonit Mob on Facebook, here.

Here's my 1st plank attempt on a wooden stool.

This is not easy.  Must strengthen core!   I'm weak.

Finally did some running today.  I'm trying to run slower, didn't work heheh~


  1. Happy Planking. Hehe

  2. Thanks. It's kinda fun. Avoid dangerous and clean places ;D