Monday, May 30, 2011

It's been awhile.

It was a random suggestion that we (my family) decided to have a steamboat "parteh" at home.  There's only 4 of us.  Cut down on food choices.

My sis made this, tom yam and chicken soup.

Thought it's cheaper than eating out.

Put em in.


SATISFIED!  Wish there were more people though.  It be fun!  I was sweating like crazy last nite.

And I failed to complete my run this morning.

Rig Zone (click for facebook page) organized LAN Party.  They were playing Diablo II (I frigging love this game), Counter Strike and Half Life.  Friend demo me Portal.  What I need is a gaming rig! FUUUUUUuuuUUUuUUuU.  Wait, that's not the main focus!  Zomg!

On another note, friend showed me a Coolmaster Cosmos.  This is the sweetest thing ever man.  Like EVER!  Damn hawt this casing.  I think it was so HAWT that I forgot to take photo of it.  No worry, here's a link, click here, I swear it looks damn gewd IRL.

Oh yeah, here's some photos I took.

Last but not least.

Pick em ALL!!!

I've also checked out Sakuya's new phone.  It's simple and sweet.  And I'm tempted to get it.  Coz waiting for Samsung Galaxy S2 is driving me nuts and I'm not such a big fan of Nokia phones.  Previous SE user here.  Btw, the phone I'm talking about is a Huawei IDEOS.  It runs on Android 2.2.  Comes in 3 color, I think.  Blue, Yellow and Hot Pink.  Y U NO RED?!

This video is funny.  I mean the way the dood pronouce Huawei.  I'm gonna look for it.

I'm so gonna have problem sleeping.  I had 2 glass of hot tea earlier and I'm somehow refreshed.


  1. Comes in 3 color, I think. Blue, Yellow and Hot Pink. << i have all the casing *whictle* o wai- I didn't tell you that right 8D

  2. LOLHuat?! can change color? FUUUUuuUUuUUuU kuya Y U play with my heart?

  3. and black.. i want greeeeeeeeenn..

    and i might get it around july.. as much as i want HTC, the mid end ones low support. if they come out with later model, kena kasi lupa sudah tuuu.. hero and tattoo belum ada update android since launch.. i guess that goes the same with android.

    at least, if get this one, tak sakit hati since its 2.2 ledi.

  4. I didn't play with ya heart 8D
    You didn't ask me about the casing lo~ XD

  5. Toyol oh ni arnab.

    @dori: I'm getting it coz I'm not a big fan of Nokia. Boring. Samsung too long to wait. heh~

  6. that casing looks like a crossbreed between Alienware and an Aston Martin...wicked-sick.

  7. @Xander: ada tu urang cakap bulky.

  8. I haven't had a steamboat meal in years ... really, years now! Makes me feel like going and looking for one right now :D

    Is that phone good?

  9. @Nick: go steamboat! YAY! it's always fun to have steamboat. Anyways, if you're into social networking, yes the phone is kind of gewd. I've tested it and fell in love, the camera is not too fancy but with application can play with bunch of stuff. I think I'm into it coz when friend browse social sites, it's fast and I desperately need an affordable phone to online when I'm not home.

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