Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moon Cake & Tang Lung Outing 2011

I don't usually do this but I sort of forgot about this till yesterday.  Last minute plan indeed.  And it's been raining at night lately.  The outing must go on!

Plan to meet up at 7:30pm but I had to drop by Servey Hypermart Likas for some lanterns.  Oh thank gawd for that, the only place I could still find some.  Bought a pack of 12 with candles and lighter.  Off I go to the beach to meet up with peeps.  So there was initially 6 of us there (while waiting for the others to arrive) around 8pm and it started pouring.


Went to the hawker stall and had snacks or for some, dinner.

And some moon cake.

We're definitely not the only ones there.  Lotsa colorful lanterns! :D

Stayed till 11pm.  Not forgetting group pictar.

Next year gonna plan early!  Fuuuuu~ somehow I feel a repetitive to how this outing goes.  Same like last year oTL.


  1. Awww hujan ka time wanna play the tanglung? And ya colourful indeed. But no pic of you playing ka hahaa.

    Repetitive ka? Next year but besar-besaran la hehee.

    Happy Tuesday Massy!

  2. @arms: got, at my fren's album. I was taking photos with 1 hand ;D

  3. dah lama tak main tanglung. Nowadays ANgry Bird lantern pun ada kan? huhuhu

    Looks like you ols had fun. :)

  4. @lina: yeah! Talking about angry bird, a fren told me the mum made angry bird tanglung adui.

  5. Wow, colorful Tang Lung. This remind me on these day when I was small.