Sunday, September 18, 2011

The weekend update

Been meaning to update this but I've been bz being lazy.  Well maybe, not really, okay fine! Been playing Sims Social on facebook.  I need new puzzle game for DS! RAWR!

So I went to 1 Borneo to look for new running shoe with Daniel and Sakuya last Friday.  Bad idea since it's a holiday and parking full everywhere.  I end up parking at the roof top area which is at 4th or was it 5th floor?  And I got there around 1pm.  We went for lunch at Mary Brown. 

HomeDec 2011 was on from 16th - 18th Sept 2011.  And the hunt begins!  Went to Asics, Royal Sporting House, Bata and Adidas.  In the end, yet another adizero.  Nice color too.  Actually there was this shoe at Asics but I dislike the grip around the ankle.  It's a bit annoying.  And I just found out that I got the wrong foot type before uhuhu~

Oh so pretteh, now where's my sis? I wanna get some refund/rebate moneh! Hehe :)

Once we're done it was around 3pm or was it 4pm, went to GSC to check if there's available seats for Johnny English Reborn.  Fuuuuu fully booked! Oh well, went to Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt instead.  Uh oh, before that, there's Dunkin Donuts at 1 Borneo already.  Okay.jpg.  Back to Tutti Frutti,  RM5.60 per 100gram.  I think each of us took a bit too much, each cost more than RM10.

I love Raspberry!  The other one is Chocolate Peanut Butter, taste like chocolate but smells like peanut butter, and the creme color one is Passion. 

So it was raining and my car is the only one parked inside 1 Borneo.  But since it's raining, I had to run to my car.  I somehow do not want to talk about the embarassing incident happened when I was looking for my car fuuuu.  Joke of the century indeed.  Friends are making fun of me because of it.  Cut the story short, I parked at the roof and went to look for it at the wrong floor, ran around in circles for it 3 times, went to the security and had them drive the car to me okay.jpg. 

Went to Suria Sabah right after that and that was like almost 6pm or was it already 6pm?  Thought we could get tickets for Johnny English Reborn there but shows were sold out till 11pm okay.jpg.  Had to wear the new shoe coz my shoe were wet.  I didn't wanna get new clothes to replace the one I'm wearing coz I dun feel like spending lol.  Crazy I know. 

Sushi Tei for dinner!  Nyummeh!

After dinner went to watch Apollo 18 at 9pm.  oTL this movie, I rate 2.5/5.  Very documentary like.  But Friday was fun.

Went to Koby's open house on Saturday.  I have vague memory to how to get to his house.  Hey, I went there once a year okay.  I can't remember everything.  Went to the wrong junction, luckily I know how the house look like hehe.  Was there for few hours, eat till bloat.

There's more but I forgot to take photo.  Bz eating.

And the plan for 12km on Sunday morning is on.  Till I woke up at 3am this morning to find out that it's raining heavily till 6am.  Fuuuuuuu~ there goes my plan.  Instead, went to Tun Fuad with Daniel for 12km run instead.  I only manage to complete 10km.  I need to fix my posture.  I've been saying that like forever but still haven't manage to fix it yet.  Oh well, till the next post.  Yes, this post is like a lazy post.  I'm sorry 'bout that.  When I drag a post for too long I tend to get a bit lazy and just type whatever I could think of, oh wai- no I don't think when I type, I just type lol.

Wholly crap.  It's 9:30pm already.  What happen an hour ago?!  So fast this time.  Oh lord, it's Monday again.


  1. berapa riban itu adizero?

  2. @lina: apa tu riban? Btw, if price it's rm350.

  3. Agnes1:35 AM

    Ooh~ what's that smiley face thing in MarryBrown? I think I never seen it before >"<

  4. @Agnes: Smiley face fries. Cute right? There's like 4 type of snacks. I think this cost like RM2-3 can't remember and there's only 6 of it. I wish I could have more.

  5. Ohh I love them chicken goreng at MarryBrown! Sedap kan? :D

    And as usual, I came to your blog on an empty stomach..only to find pictures of food on your blog. Again. :'(

  6. @cindy: yes! sedap! saya sangat suka tu chicken and fries!

  7. MarryBrown ayam goreng memang sedap!!! ;p

  8. @G33: a bit pricey though I mean the meal. Those snacks are cheap :)

  9. I stop playing after a day lol~ I have no patience for sims XD

  10. @Kelvin: Yeah me too but I click sometimes.

  11. Maryborwn? I have almost forgotten this fastfood restaurant. Hmmm.. gonna try it in near future.

  12. Tutti Frutti! My strategy is to get less yogurt and more of the M&Ms, choco chips and all that. Wakakaa.

    Happy Friday, Maslight ;)