Monday, September 05, 2011

The weekend

Back to work after a week holiday.  This week has been great.  Still a bit tired but it's all worth it.

Sakuya's birthday on 4th September, me and Jna plan a surprise birthday party.  Actually we thought just treat her lunch or dinner but then again just go with a plan instead.  Initially we plan to do it on Sunday dinner at 7pm at Wojamama Japanese Restaurant since that's one of the place that we could think of but had to change to lunch at 1pm instead since she told us that her parents will treat us seafood dinner on Sunday night.  Haiyahhh haiyahhhh.  I reserved 15 seats on Saturday ehem before meeting with everyone for lunch hehe.  But lucky for facebook, phone number!  I'd called to change the time to 1pm after manage to drag Sakuya for lunch on Sunday hehe.  So smart. 

So last Saturday was Otafuse 2011.  I went there with some friends.  No involvement in this event but just to help my friend with her cosplay for 2 days.  I'll just cut it short by posting photos and a bit of description.

Meet up with some friends at Mode Cafe, Star City for lunch.

Sakuya cosplay as Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2 and Jna cosplay as Chun Li!  :)

Stayed till 6pm lol.  Okay.jpg.

Planned a run with friends on Sunday morning.  10km after a month of no proper running, phailed, manage to finish 7km and walked for 3km.  I ran out of fuel.  Had breakfast at  Kedai Kopi Lai Heng Baru.

Dropped by Euro Bakery at Taipan Inanam to check out cake but they only have chocolates.  Cannot get chocolates coz birthday girl don't eat chocolate.  Thought of taking a nap after that but didn't have enough time to do so since planned to get a cake at Uncle Biscuit around before noon.  Get ready and went to Damai.  I nearly forgot where it's located.  Hot weather, not funny.

After discussing it with Jna, we decided to go with Mango cake.  The initial plan was to try and get Green Tea cake but it'll only be ready at around 1pm.  Bad idea.  Left straight to Star City and met with Jna and Marseh at Wojamama before 1pm.  Discussed with the staff there about birthday song and I'll signal them to bring out the cake.  

Day 2.

Had Green Tea Ice cream first, coz thought of waiting for birthday girl.

Makan time!

Fara came with a present so we give present all together now ;D

Her chu gave her this.

And I gave her this ;D  *puts lotsa tape mwahhahahah.

After tape troll, troll with Herbalife box 8D then put more paper. Hehe.

It's a vintage slingbag.  I also love it but I have so many.  Was trying to find the handbag she wanted the other day but the stall wasn't displaying.  FUuuuuu where did the stall go?

After lunch.  Birthday girl said okay lets go I need to change.  Me and Jna went O.O!!! Bring cake out nao! Fuuuu.

Music queue.


More photos on facebook, here.

Okay we're done, lets go change hehe.

That's done.  Dinner at 6pm at Seafood Restaurant!

Okay, left slightly near to 8pm, went home, upload photos, showered and slept around midnight. 

Monday, back to work oTL.  Lagging.


  1. Kenyang tengok all those yummy food. ;p

    Ala... why you tak cosplay oso. Then we can see your photos here. kikiki

  2. @lina: got photos of me, jadi bodyguard hehe ;D

  3. Cool cosplay, an evil peacock and the always sexy Chun Li. LOL.

    Aww Sakuya should wear a beak or something. Hahaa.

  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    where u get those costume?

  5. @Anonymous: my fren order it from taobao.