Friday, October 21, 2011

Trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand - Part 2

Day 2 at Chiang Mai.

I don't have trouble sleeping but I always wake up so early.  Way too early.  Everyday I wake up at around 4 or 5am.  I must be crazy.  Morning workout, push up and mountain climber, didn't wanna do any jumping jacks coz I scared I might wake people up with my jumping *rofl.

Breakfast at the hotel.  Self service.  Milo not kick enough and the butter somehow don't taste like the butter I usually have, something is wrong with my taste buds.  Oh yeah, did I mention this place has a lot of coffee stands?

Today, dad brought us to flea market.  I'm not sure what's the location but it's few minutes away via Tuk-Tuk.  I think it was around  50 - 60 baht to destination too.

Sometimes there's a disadvantage being the photographer for trips and whatnot.  Throughout my trip, I end up taking my own photo or ask my sis to take it for me.  Y U NO take my pictar?!  *sobs.

Checkout my new shades :)

We arrived around 9:30am (Malaysia time).  Actually it was still 8:30am there. Hehe.

People just started open stalls.

Fried chicken (spicy and non spicy) and fish.  God I love that fried fish.  We bought like a bunch of em.  Like over 9000. Okay no, we bought around 30 pieces actually, more or less.

Fried fish I rike!

Big peanuts and so nice.  No wonder I got sick.

Yes you can try.

Guava and some other fruits.

Lets start walking.

And the chess set but it's so darn expensive.

I chuckled when I saw this.

So many, there's more.  Not over yet.

Bought some of these delicious tapioca, potato, mushroom chips.

How cute is this?  Coffee anyone?

I'm not sure where this flea market located but it's near this building?

Now that's done, it's time to look for lunch.  I think it was around  1 or 2pm.

Had chicken rice.

Super small portion.

Super sweet iced tea.

Back to the hotel via pick up.

Here's at the hotel my sis sleeping *rofl.

After few hours, dad told us that he wanted to check out Kalare Night Market area during the day time.  I think we had like an hour rest only or was it 2 hours?

The side that we didn't/haven't check out.

Stalls not open yet for night market.

This place is near Pavilion.


Went to early dinner at Pizza Hut, The Plaza.

Surprised that people there can leave their shops open unattended.

Went for foot massage while dad arrange for a day's trip to Chiang Rai.  This foot massage place is great, the owner is friendly and not painful.  Everyone left happy and legs was light as a feather.

1 hour foot massage for 200 baht.

Owner and staff :) mum made new friends.  Hehe.

Went to another market at Thapea Gate.  Every Sunday called Sunday Night Market at downtown/old town.

Dad gave us an hour or was it 2 hours to go around and shop.  Overwhelmed by the number of stalls and items.  I think I'm reaching the state of loosing it.

And this is not even half of it. *barf~

Did a little camwhore at the room.

At this point I wish I had more money with me and thank god my dad were with us on this trip coz our food and transport were covered by him hehehe.  Good for us! Yay~

Day 3 coming up.

- to be continued -

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