Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand - Part 4

Day 4.

Woke up early again.  Had toast for breakfast with milo. After the Chiang Rai trip, this is what I realize.  I'm getting darker.  Can you see my stripey legs.

Went to Waroros Market to look for those pancakes but couldn't find it.  Instead mum and sis went and get some necklace and earrings.  After found what we were looking for, we took Tuk-Tuk to Thapea Gate, where Sunday Night Market was. 


Temple everywhere. 

Breakfast! At ART Cafe.  Oh gawd this place is so nice.  And food are delicious.

The food and drinks.

Garden Benedict.  Egg, mushrooms and spinach, can you believe I couldn't finish this?  I had 1 and "tapau-ed" the other one.

Dad's tofu cooked with olive.

Mum's fried rice, delicious too.  I love it.

Now lets check out the gate.  One of the gate.

Lets feed the birds and fish!

After that, went to check the Mae Ping River Cruise.  Since we had a boat ride at Chiang Rai, we decided to skip the river cruise.  One of the should do things when you're in Chiang Mai.  Instead we walk around the temple area.

Dad had a long conversation with the pick up driver, Mr. Chin.  He's sort of like a tour agent too.  He took us to Doi Suthep, the temple up the hill or known as the Queen's Temple?  Or something like that.  I thought it was a short drive but it took I don't know maybe half an hour to an hour?  I was a bit dizzy going up.  Oh lord, I think it's the road coz I remember it was a sort of steady relax drive up.

Waterfall along the way.  I remember there was a zoo nearby too.

Reached there, you can either take the cable car which is 20 baht or take the stairs.  I think there's about 300 steps, I forgot to count.  It wasn't a problem for me.  I was feeling fresh and it was a good exercise.  I think I would be gasping for air if I hike up at Tun Fuad.

Along the way up, there's stalls selling food, drinks and souvenirs.

For those who wanted to take the stairs, it starts here.

More stalls on the way up.

We drop by the shops for some bangles then continue going up.

A lot of tourist on that day going up and down and taking picture.

There's little girls in costume but you need to donate 20 baht for picture with them.

Temple entrance.

For international visitors, get your ticket, donate 30 baht for charity.

Around the temple.

Reached there, for those who wear shorts and skirt have to wear sarong.  There's sarong available for loan.

There's also people promoting to take photos of you at the temple for 100 baht.

Met parents at the temple compound and mum told me there's magnum ice cream available!  Hunt for ice cream first!  It's selling for 47 or was it 49 baht for classic and almond.

I also saw watermelon ice cream but I do not want to impulse on that.

I don't look sick now do I?

Now tour around the temple.

Chiang Mai view from the temple.

Inside the temple.  Get a lotus and scent for buddha and circle around.

We're done around 5pm I think and went back to the hotel.  Mum was tired so she decided to rest.  My dad, me and my sis went to Kalare Night Market for dinner, dad wanted to collect her suit and sis wanted to collect the balm she ordered from the massage centre.

At Kalare Food Centre.  You need coupon.


Dad ordered from here.

While I had chicken noodle soup.

More like chicken herbal soup.  So refreshing.

After dinner, we went walk around night market to look for stuff.

At this point, I left with less than 1000 baht in hand.  And when I made my last purchase, my sis made me change rm100 oTL.

Bought 2 sets of hand wraps.  Omai so long.  I think it was 270 baht each.

Wish I got extra cash to get these.

Little that we know, there's more to Kalare Night Market.  Cheaper inside!  FUUuuuuuuuuu

We also met these people.  Omai so pretteh.  Their show at 9:30pm.  I want go!!! But we were suppose to meet dad after 2 hours.  *cries.

This is crazy!  I told my sis I wanna cry looking at the stuff there.  I'm gonna come back again!  Plan a trip to Chiang Mai again!  RAWR! and bring more moneh!!!

The most epic part, the lanterns my sis bought from few days ago cost 3 times less at this market.  Le fuuu~  I think my sis bought 3 of it and kept it for herself.  *fespam.

Final part of this blog post, after dinner ;)

- to be continued -


  1. Sawadikap... keluar tingkap. Wakakaa.

    Wa wa siok o di Thailand. Nda ada nmpak transvestite ka hahaa jk.

    A lot of temples o kan. Hmm hope can go there next year o :D

    Happy Saturday, Massy.

  2. @Arms: Kap kap, yes yes, siok o, btw yes ada tu trans di hotel kami XD