Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand - Final

Yes yes, this is a delayed post.  Like way delayed. 

Actually the final was part 4 but since I sort of didn't add the photos of when I was back, so here goes.

Left the hotel in the morning, can just take the pick up to the airport.

At Chiang Mai airport, as you enter the compound, you directly scan your bag and yourself.  Waw.  Okay.

Drop baggage.

Breakfast.  Naan and tandoori chicken.  Tasty, the maruku were hard  Too hard if you ask me.

Reach LCCT, shared lunch with mum.

I think our flight were few hours gap, 2 hours maybe?  And flight delayed. 

All I can remember we reach KK around dinner time.

Had dinner at seafood restaurant at Star City.  This place is nice.  Food damn good.


After dinner, still have an hour to kill to wait for my bro to finish work.  I mean everyone was tired and wanted to go home, instead we were waiting for an hour in the car for him.  We couldn't even leave him there and have somebody to send him home.  Reason to make people cranky, or that's just me?  I mean not trying to offend anyone but seriously, he doesn't have any reliable people around him when he's in need.  He needs to have "true" reliable friends around him, PERIOD!  Just my 2 cents. 


  1. Hey Massy! :)

    Wuah i missed all your Chiang Mai posts... hope you had a great time there, though.

    Kesian jugak kamu so tired from traveling and had to wait and kesian jugak ur bro, on the other hand.

  2. @Shem: Yeah punya delay this last post. Tulah he should have better choice for friends.

  3. Read all your post on your trip to Thailand. I wanna go toooooooooo

  4. @Agnes: Thanks for going through my posts, I wanna go again, it's so much fun!