Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm offended because...

This is one thing ppl shouldn't do to me. Coz it's pissing me off. I seriously hate ppl reminding me how much I earn and how much I save. It's seriously my gawddamn business! Mine ur own *sigh.

Like wut happened yesterday, "somebody" said I'm wasting money on ndsl. WTF?! It's my monehhh!!!! Not urs. They themselves organize their own cash flow so dun start comparing with wut I do or not do with my moneh! Seriously! -_-""

And today this? Telling me that I haf more money? O.O wut's that all about? huh? And seriously, I dun haf that much of money even by saving few hundred a month *sigh~ urgh~ Think with my current savings enuff to buy house ka? dui~ even my car my dad pay most of it oh. So tell am I qualified as "the person with more money?" I got plans for my money oh. Look at my wish bin. Still got other stuff that I wanted to get oh. And that's juz like a lil part of it only.


Must play ndsl to distract meself. Must not stress or not feel hungry. *breathe~ inhale~ exhale~ huh~


  1. Haih...some people..dont worry about've earn the money and you deserve whatever you aimin for

  2. thank yew sir george T_T