Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Trip to Tawau (Part 3)

I'm super duper confused @_@ arranging and typing this. Somehow while uploading photos and typing I got a bit lost with the details, hence the reading and re-typing again XD I know u ppl must be anxious to read the part 3. I'm sorry for taking so much time. But there are too many photos that I wanted to show to everyone and it's so hard to put words to describe it XD


15th October 2007 (Monday)

It's mum's b'day. Though it doesn't felt like it since we didn't get her anything hehe.
Wut a weird feeling. Anyways, same as the day before, I had difficulties with sleeping. I end up waking up at 1:30am again and I was bugging my sis sleeping next to me by pulling her comforter XD yes I can't sleep. I heard my sis coughing from the next room. Hmm, how odd, I end up sleeping at 2am again and woke up at 6am. Funny thing is, I wasn't even sleepy (it must be the boredom).

Since I'm up so early, I'm the first one to go shower. Yes, we dun haf much thing to do except laze around or sleep hehe. Weird. Mum was a bit sick. I think she had too much chocolate or maybe the weather till she got migraine. She's been vomiting.

Our van will come and pick us up at 9am. There's plenty of time to waste *cough. Me and my sis did some camwhoring before we check out from the apartment. No I'm not gonna post it XD

We stop by around town to get something for breakfast but shops that are open didn't sell any interesting fewd. While waiting for the driver and dad to come back, we decided to camwhore inside the van. *cough. Dad came back with ice cream, some can drinks and snacks for us. I think it took less than 1 hour to get to Balung River Eco Resort. This is where we'll be staying for 1 day O.O"" yes, 1 day only oh~!

The resort located at least 20 mins from/to the airport along a gravel path from the main road. @_@ gravel road makes me dizzy. It started pouring rain as we started entering the gravel road. It's a miracle! It hasn't been raining lately it seems.

This resort is owned and run by Sabah's former Chief Minister, Datuk Harris Salleh, who is a dear friend of dad.
I think along that bumpy ride, I couldn't stop asking whether we reach there yet. *rofl. Once reach there, we had brunch.

my sis had singapore fried meehoon

I had rice with fried chicken with garlic and that small portion is ginseng vege? very nice oh XD

I think I complained about the rain too. I remember telling my sis about how dissapointed I am if the rain didn't stop. I won't be able to get any shot if the rain won't stop T_T but luckily it did. So happy. Once the rain stop, we walked to our chalet. OMG! It's truly magnificent. Beautiful. If only we spend more time there, I could really get tons more shots from there.

the reception + restaurant area are surrounded by torch ginger or better known as "bunga kantan"

how convenient, got toilet XD

This place is surrounded by many different plants, fruits, flowers, insects, birds and etc. Truly amazing! The resort offers 73 chalet-type rooms. There's tv with astro at the reception area. TV is also provided at the chalet only without astro. I think you have to be at the right position if you wanna get gewd reception. But definately got reception for all telecommunication services. Which I think is convenient, but nobody bother to sms or call me T_T hehe.

who loves to swim? can swim XD we didn't get to swim T_T not enuff time *sigh

we can see the river from up here

dragonfruit plant on a tree

Anyways, since it's the season for dragonfruit, here's wut we had. 1kg of dragonfruit XD fresh! I do think the white one taste better than the red/pink one in this case. I like~

Anyways, here's some shot of the chalet and room.

when u ask for extra bed. they seriously give u extra bed. XD imagine 3 this kind of bed in the room. wuah, our first thought was taht it might be juz matress XD but suprisingly, it's the same level bed XD punya siok

it's air conditioned XD

All of us actually slept till around 3pm omg~ teruknya! It's so nice to sleep. But we had an appointment with Mr. Arun to visit the factory at 4pm. While waiting for him, we decide to walk around and take photo XD

Some other types of chalet available.

Some other shots XD while waiting for Mr. Arun.

this is dad hinting at mum XD

First off, we went to the place where they make "gula nira". Going there we get to go through the river, where the bridge is not above water. You can see water flowing on the bridge. But too bad I didn't get any shot of it coz I was in the car and my camera wasn't ready yet hehe.

My sis said I couldn't get to shoot this dragonfly coz it'll fly away when ppl walk by. But guess wut? I manage XD I told her that we need time to let the dragonfly get comfortable with the surrounding then we can shoot em. See! XD I manage to get 2 shot. It's not too much fun coz too much sunlight.

pokok kopi. when i was younger, we used to go to "kebun" to pick biji kopi XD it was fun though i hate getting mosquito bite

dragonfruit plant

It's er some kinda sugar. We get to drink also. Ogie, this is where it is funny. Why? Coz the smell of the drink omg~ @_@ Dad quoted: "bau air longkang". Gee, thanks dad -_-" make it hard for me to drink. But once I start sipping from the glass, it actually taste nice. It tasted like coconut.

look at my facial expression

this is a shot of the worker there. dad was excited to see him and asked me to get a shot of him. I would be happy to shoot him more than once but we were kinda in a hurry so only manage to get 1 T_T isk~

this was the river I told u about and we're driving through it XD

this is lyne. can u see the "misai kucing" (cat whiskers) at the back? they use this to make tea XD

checking out the factory

this is where they pack noni juice

so this is where they gonna make tea XD

I'm not sure how the fishing subject came about but as we know it, my parents were talking about fishing O.O and guess wut? There's a fishing spot XD hehe. It looked kinda abandoned coz nobody go fishing. Well ad

look, how stiff and er F i looked here..gahhh!!! i kinda look like i'm gonna hit somebody XD

I dun really like fishing. The only thing I like is taking photo XD So, yes, I took more than 60 photo at this place. I only hold that bamboo stick thinggie for few mins then I lazy oledi XD I know I know bad habit, I have no patience in fishing. Sorry. Who like fishing can fish with my mum, she loves it. ^^;

But we couldn't get any fish becoz of the time and the fish. Fish there went to school before. My sis said she saw the fishes showing themselves but they're not fooled by the bait -_-"

We went back around after 6pm. Mum could go on without sleep if she could but dad insist to go back. Guess he's hungry hehe.

the restaurant area

Here's wut we had.

fried fish

fried chicken with ginger. like the one i had in the morning?

tom yam soup

vege. er sorry i dunno wut is this called. i tot the same as this morning? ginseng but i'm not sure hehe gomen~

This is the fun thing for me since I like to capture insects. Ehem. Yes, a lot of this particular one. I actually saw a big dragonfly but it's a bit too far for me to reach. At the ceiling, near the fluorescent light. I'm not that tall ogie! T_T

Since my eldest sis, Lyne was the last one to finish, we (dad, me and 2nd sis) went back to our room. They met this couple from Holland. It's the guy's b'day and mum's b'day too. They gave us some chocolate cake. Hehe XD

Thought of watching tv but we all end up sleeping ^^;.

Pretty much it but I got more photos to show. I know this post looked kinda messy. I'm sorry. It's too long till I myself blur liao @_@ gomen~

Last post coming up.

To be continued...


  1. hulaa...very long indeed...and a bit confusing esp the pic note sikijap atas sikijap bawah...but very entertaining time if u plan to hav a family trip...count me as well ah...i'll be good boy then hehhe...

  2. wakkakakaka XD mo ikut jua dia..

    sorry..3rd post se pun conpius XD

  3. nice plc la the resort... :D