Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Office Terbuka" and HobbyCon Meeting at McD

Warning: This post is flooded with photos XD

Backdated post

Last Friday we haf an "office terbuka" hahaha ogielah, hari raya party *kunun~ Everyone was asked to bring something from home. So, here are the fewd for that day. Not quite everything but these are the most of it. I think.

watermelon. i didn't eat this coz i dun like the color XD


jelly from me. hehehe tq daddy for making these XD

homemade chocolate rice cake from one of my colleague. sedap wor~


kuah satay

nasi minyak?

rendang daging

salad. they bought this from pizza hut O.O but the scary part is the mayo and thousand island omg

kfc XD

my colleagues and me. hehe, well not everyone was there. besides the guys left for friday prayer mwahhaha XD

Something happened, and somebody was offended *cough. In this case, it's the auntie cleaner. I won't be telling u guys about the story coz it's kinda personal and I think it's better not to talk about ppl *cough. karma~ @_@

Pretty much it. I'll be sending and picking my sis to and from work for a week T_T *tsk~

HobbyCon Meeting (27 Oct 2007)

i'm loving it XD

Today HobbyCon meeting is at McD Api Api center. I had to send my sis to work around 8:30am and meet the others at 9am. Suprisingly the person who set the time wasn't there yet. So, while waiting, I had breakie XD

it's been awhile since i last had big breakfast XD

2 person is missing in this photo. Lee who left earlier -_-" tapi se ada gambar mwahahhaha. And freyra who insisted to take the shot T_T

Lets brainstorm XD

Well, it's gewd to be updated on progress. Gimme moneh!!!! $_$ *kaching~

must take group photo! XD

Planned meet up - canceled. -_-

Yes, I was suppose to meet up with my x colleague but she couldn't make it. -_-" lucky my sis and her fren was at Karamunsing. If not I "ku ling ling" alone at Karamunsing. Punya kesian.

My sis and her fren was at Usagi having their lunch. I got free lunch weeeeeeeeee.

suprisingly my ocha is free XD

this is wut my sis's fren had. usagi bento RM29.90

wut my sis had. washoku bento RM25.90

wut i had is wakame udon RM12.90 @_@ I'm so full. loads of em seaweed i like~

I had corn in cup and waffle for dinner XD

O.O wow. My cat gave birth to 4 kittens and my sis's dog gave birth to 4 puppies O.O wow..ogie 4+4=8 *ding ding ding. Lucky! XD

I watched Aquamarine on Astro. Hehe, now my eyes are in pain. Need to sleep. Gnitey.

P/s: Mas coughing juz started O.O noiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis~~~!!! T_T


  1. i also wouldn't eat the watermelon if that color mas! hehe.. :P

    but the japanese food looks so good! kempunan la me ni since i came back to kk i wanna eat bah tu.. :( tmrw la pegi!

  2. syura: hehehehe XD yahhh coz macam inda manis kan XD yah go go eat XD then rave..

    oh ada new japanese restaurant sana lido..but i haven't tried yet XD

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    ihhh....ur pictures semua bikin lapar again and again lah...just had my lunch and now lookin at these pix...bikin lapar balik lah...i think 2 days in a row sdh i keep seeing food pictures...aduish...

  4. Eh... I wonder whats the story wt d aunty cleaner? busy body la ni... hehehe

  5. carol: lol...i'm sorry...fewd photos are my specialty XD for blogging hahahaha omg~ XD

    nessa: hehehe...u really wanna know? XD well i'll prolly give a bit info la...i think she merajuk coz the past raya party she owez get to keep the balance money. but this time everyone decide to keep the money in a tabung so we can use it for next party or any other party. i guess it started dat way? she also had a disagreement with the other colleagues about rice and drinks. inda mo mengalah bah this makcik. everyone said she thinks she's perfect. hehe tulah the other day, most ppl yang inda puas ati bersuara. but she's not around hehe XD so consider mengumpat la tu kan oh nois~

  6. mas-hui..mengumpat...anyway..oi..pi kerja ka pi makan? muhehhe..napa x ajak sa :P

    ei..japanese food? huh..i'd like to try it someday and i want tht puppy! can? huhu...ask ur sis plss...

  7. zaini: opis kami banyak ngumpat dari kerja oh XD kuyak~ lucky i got my own room, so i'm sometimes excluded from ngumpat. ko kaki ngumpat? O.O omg~

    u want puppy? my sis coming back tomolo..actually now left 3..coz 1 cannot survive oh... T_T sedeynya...isk~

  8. Anonymous11:30 AM

    i tot only the four of u makan. wakakakka... i want makan oso! they shudnt mix up the mayo and thousand island to the salad nia... how la da taste? kekeke... what is ocha btw? mcm chinese tea. hehe...

  9. You were right when you said this post is flooded with photos. And after looking at all the food pix, I hear my tummy rumbling ... can't wait to get home for dinner. LOL!

  10. wah... Dan looked so rugged now!