Monday, October 22, 2007

Quest: Control Addition Towards NDSL

  1. I need a bigger bag. So I can fit my ndsl and my camera and bring em everywhere I go hehehe.
  2. I also need a pouch for my ndsl. Maybe I'll make one like wut amber did for pinkae, so cute. Such an inspiration. I got my casing already XD. But the funny thing is, when I was putting on the screen protector, my cat's furr got into it *hiks~
  3. I need to get cat fewd and litter. Some toiletries. Must not get junk fewd T_T this is one hard thing to do.
It's terrible I know. I'm addicted. I've been playing Phoenix Wright a lot. I finished nearly 4 episodes in 1 half day. Urk~ And I only got to bed at around 2am if I'm not mistaken coz I can't stop thinking about it. OMG! @_@ Suprisingly I'm not sleepy. Another terrible thing would be, my ndsl is juz right next to me when I sleep OMG! The addiction. Must stay in control. Must stay in control, must not make ndsl take over my brain @_@

Till the next blog post, hmm though today can't look for slightly big bag coz I wanna go get cat fewd first XD


  1. Aaalah so bikin sakit hati pasal the screen protector tuuuu! Argh!

    And I know what you mean. Argh! I'm missing Hadibi's NDS! AAAAAAARGH!

  2. kekekeke...ur bro got a casing for his nds ka? coz as i remember correctly it was nekkid XD

  3. oo..tiapa ko mas..sombong suda semenjak ada ndsl ni...hheh...tiapa nnti sa beli 3...kasi kalah ko...

    bythe way...brp harga tue mas? ada diskaun ka klu sa mo beli? heheh

  4. Anonymous6:25 AM

    if you don't mind my asking much is an ndsl in Sabah? i ust need to compare prices ...


    here, the seller is from toybox damai. Less than RM800 with 2GB memory card, screen protector, r4 card and nds casing. hehe. u can contact toyboy to negotiate price hehehe.

    actually better check the thread. Coz I juz give money to my bro and he got it for me weeeeeeeee. senang kan XD

  6. Anonymous9:21 AM

    thanx for the info. looks like it's cheaper if i get one from here! it's a gift for my nephew ... hope he likes it!

  7. XD yes yes, he will sure likes it XD

  8. Massy, its still nekkid he he he.

  9. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Leave that NDSL and start blogging already!! :-P

  10. Ya I agree with Cindy!

    By the way, you want big bags for cheap? Come here KL la he he he. Then can see you also. =P

  11. acom: woo~ i want bag~

    cin: er...i was about to blog this morning but i was distracted XD nyahahahha..