Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Movie Outing


It's that awesome that we had to postpone "dumpbingz" outing till today. And it's the most commented and viewed thread in CSP forum.

Whoever haven't watch this movie, should stop reading at this point coz "YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON PANDA AWESOMENESS!!!"

Those who already watch it. AWESOME!!! XD

Ogie, first and foremost, I would like to thank Amber (kanariya) again for booking the tickets. The pain she had to go through to rebook. I think she rebook more than 3 times. =_=" *worship kana sama. I don't have your patience. Our seats was from G9 - G19. I think. Wait. Lemme do a recount.

CSPians who went for this movie outing. Me, compy, panja, boo, duck, dori, 540, acing, amber, rina, dias, arine, cubex, jason and arine's mum. Did I missed out anybody else? A total of 15 people. Ogie, I know we had the whole G row in the middle. @_@ How many seats are there? *blurness.

It's uber funnest! I have no idea if that word even exist. Anyways, panja, me and compy got the last 3 seat on the right, while waiting for the movie to start (yes, delay @_@), we were finishing up the popcorn, got bored, complaining and slightly hyper. IT WASN'T ME!!!! Ogie fine! They were laffing at how "cacat" my fingers are. I can't bend my pinky finger with the other 3 finger non bended @_@ WTF!?!. YOU PEOPLE ARE ALIENS!!!! I'm the normal one. XD There's more funny stuff happened that should be kept in the cinema at that moment! SERIOUSLY!

Ogie, *cough cough, lets proceed to the movie. I LOVE IT! I SIMPLY LOVE IT. I couldn't be bothered with every other noise coming from everywhere coz the movie was funny. Oh I love it so much. My fav character would be Shifu XD Words can't describe AWESOMENESS but AWESOMENESS ITSELF hehehe. I sound high. @_@

Memorable quotes:
Tai Lung: You... you're just a big... fat... panda!
Po: I'm not a big fat panda. I'm *the* big fat panda.


Check out some Kung Fu Panda post at Impy's Blog.

Lets have another movie outing!!! I DEMAND ANOTHER MOVIE OUTING! BWAHAHAHAH XD

Definitely a MUST watch. 5/5! XD If there's 10/10, then it's 10/10 well for me XD YOSH!


  1. I've been wanting to catch Kung Fu Panda for ages. I've heard a lot about it and must make it a point to go this weekend :D

  2. nick p: YES U SHOULD. You can't miss out on AWESOMENESS!!!! XD

  3. I enjoyed Kungfu Panda!! Awal2 oredi I ketawa just dengar suara Jack Black! He's so funny. And yeah, awesome! I don't mind watching again!

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  5. syura: yes yes XD it's so nice XD

  6. I can't wait to watch it! I love cartoons and I love Jack Black!

  7. yes em awesomeness!!!

  8. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Wakakaka! I laughed till dropped while watching this show.

  9. yinsi wut did u drop? XD