Saturday, June 28, 2008

StarCraft BoardGame & BANG!! BANG!!

I don't really know how to start to blog about this but here goes. For fans of StarCraft, they'll know this better than me @_@ Anyways yeah, StarCraft boardgame is now available at CarcaSean!!!

But before I go through those stages of knowing nothingness, I would like to make an announcement. JACK GOT HIS DND PLAYER HANDBOOK!!!!!

OMG! *calms self down. I know somebody hugged it last night *cough cough. Takes a moment. Ogie lets move on.

StarCraft: The Board Game is an action-packed strategy game of galactic conquest! Terran, Zerg, and Protoss alike battle for supremacy across multiple worlds. StarCraft: The Board Game is playable by two to six players in two to four hours.

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

But you can always google it *giggle. And find yourself reading about this, this and this.

I'll show you some photos of CSPians playing instead.

The players, yes while setting up this game, they were singing "Purple Rain". @_@

Man! I'm so confused that I don't know how to describe this game. Oh yes, I'm the observer. @_@ A confused one. Ogie, first of all determine the number of players, minimum 2, maximum 6 (ngam ka?) Each player selects 2 planet from this er selection *points photo. Oh yeah, and it's at random. Hehe.

Once that's done, you return the small planet tokens and get bigger planet YAY! @_@"""

And start attaching your planets with everyone elses. As follows. Opps I forgot to take a shot of the er I dunno what these things are called actually. Actually, after this part I got slightly lost coz I wasn't paying attention *giggle. But I'll show you more photos of the pieces hehe.

This whole set up thing took them an hour man. Next to put your army?

I'm sorry I can't get all the pieces, I mean miniatures @_@

Oh yeah, have air unit also. TADA!!! Though, I don't know when does this come into play @_@

ATTACK!!! ATTACK!!! @_@ And now you die! XD

Oh these are some other stuff that's included in this boardgame.

I took quite a number of photos of the items but I don't think I wanna edit and post it up coz I'll be spoiling everything or the actual reason is coz I'm tired and lazy at the same time hehe.

Ogie, this is pretty much what happened last nite, I think they played 1 or 2 rounds and "call it a night" and switch to another game. Estimate time to finish is 3 hours ah PEOPLE! @_@

The other game I'm talking about is "Make Me Gunfighters". Max 7 players. Oh this is fun. I could make a tutorial here, right here right now.

the cards
Here's how to play the game. Easy mode.


First of all, each player gets around 5 cards, the 1st player will drop 1 card and shoot another player, who he/she thinks that have the same card as the one he/she drop and says "BANG!". If the person he/she "shoot" has the cards, the player must discard the cards.

The word bang reminds me of "We Are Scientist - Bang Bang Rock 'n Roll" XD

Sorry, I can't find any better version for this song.

these are bounty

If those cards have "dollar sign" on it, you get "bounty". If you left with 1 card, you're allowed to take 1 of the red card which consist the following. Opps, actually there's 4 kinds of possible scenario, which is an added advantage or disadvantage.

red cards

You could also use the "bounty" to purchase the blue card. This also by luck. Some are bad cards and some are good.

During your turn, you could also tap your fingers on the table (make running sound) to discard 1 of your card and replace it with a new card.

How to win the game? Get 9 bounty or kill everyone XD

Now, hard mode, or 2nd method. By using this map.

Aight, it's the same thing too. But, this time, people who owns the Plaza would have more disadvantage in this case. Since, whoever have any of the card except the Cliff, could shoot according the arrows. So, in this case, if you own a Plaza card, everyone can shoot you @_@ hehe.

Oh, and if you have 3 of the same card, you could declare that you own the place. If you declare it 3 times, you win the game. If not, the earlier rules apply.

It was fun! I wanna play again! I'm sorry for the long post. It took me awhile to er type it out and edit the photos too T_T"""

Anyways, I hope this post help to give people some insights of some of new kewl boardgame. Till then. Happy reading the long post people!


  1. Ohhh, I just love playing Star Craft, I used to spend hours on end playing the game when it first came out as an RTS game. I even played it online with my buddy but it was so darn slow cos we had to be contented with just dial ups. I think I'm going to get the board game, it looks like such great fun :D

  2. Nick: OMG! You're one of them XD hehehe..anyways wahhhh!!! U starcraft addict ar?

  3. jna: hahahahahah purple rain XD

  4. sampai kena sms pasal purple rain bah kan.

  5. yah man..wut's up with dat? XD

  6. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Uina... I used to play Starcraft too... antara my fav Blizzard's games... now board game lagi. mesti syok tu kan...

  7. arms: ahah! another starcraft fan ei..kekeke bah pg check it out tu boardgame XD

  8. Anonymous3:02 AM

    sean didnt play vf u all meh?? i tot he is the 1 who 1 2 play bt cant find kaki to play

  9. yeah, but sean was bz the other day. XD