Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tagged: 6 nonsensical stuffs about me

I got tagged! By Amy. *roll eyes.

1. Link to the person that tagged you - Amy
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag someone - do I really have to? @_@""" ohoho it didn't say how many hohoho

6 (non)sensical stuffs about me. *takes a moment

*cough cough

I get annoyed easily. I mean I have no idea why small things tick me sometimes. I labeled them as noise. I'm annoyed with slow drivers too, I dunno, I'm not even in a rush (so what is wrong with me?) Even when I'm sleeping, I can't sleep with noise, I tend to wake up pissed and tell everyone to shut the hell up *uhuk~ SEE! I know, my ears are sensitive XD

I'm picky. I'm one of those people who used to not eat any vegetables. Yes, I only started eating lots of vege when I started college. Why? My sis, Tina, brain washed me. *rofl but I'm still picky, like people said, I only eat expensive vege. *indenial mode ON. Ogie in other words, I like em crunchy and non bitter XD hehe. And I hate mix vege, you know those that sells in packs? or you call em "FROZEN VEGE!?" wut's up with that man. Whenever I ordered fried rice, sometimes they have those "frozen vege" in it? I'll separate it from the rice (those who know me seen this happen before heheheh)

I'm not a people person. This is a known fact. I got problem hugging people (*roll eyes at acom). I get nervous in crowds and slightly paranoid if I don't know anyone there. Well unless if I hang out with you often enough. I'll be like a kid running around laughing like I'm high on sugar. So, if there's an occasion that I just met you? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT expect me to be as friendly hehe coz I'm slightly slow in that department @_@ Well unless we "click" XD got exception hehe.

When I sleep, I like to wrap myself like a cocoon. There used to be an incident when I did that, my bro would come to bug me when I'm sleeping and wrap himself like one too @_@ *rofl that was funny. Especially when you say it.

Cubex: "Mas..." paused *look at a wrap cocoon "wuahhhhhhhh kepompong"
Mas: =_="""
Cubex: "I also want~~~"
Mas: =_="""

Yeah something like that.

I'm a cry baby T_T I hate it.

Wild imagination =_=". I love love love music! Well I'm not the most talented person on earth but I just simply love music hehe. Ogie, I got this habit of relating a song to a word. I didn't wanna do it, it's a spontaneous thing. Not only that, a word could actually make me imagine weird stuff. You people, know who you are, stop "stimulating my brain" man. And acom!!!! you're suppose to support me!!! hmph~

Anyways, that said, I shall *giggles tag ppl MWAHHAHAHAHAH
1. Rozie
2. 540
3. dori

Ogie sukup~


  1. I'm one of those who despised having anything to do with vegetables too up until a couple of years ago. Now I kinda love eating all sorts of veggies with my favourite being broccoli, asparagus, kai lan and kangkung ...

  2. #1 with slow drivers just drives me up the wall!

    but as for #2, won't say i'm picky but one thing i will NOT eat is tuhau! the smell!!! it's like that smelly bug...

  3. nick: hahahahah same same...notice most u mentioned are expensive vege hahahahahah XD

    perry: hahahahahahaha XD ogie, i'm normal yay! XD

  4. Hehehe Thanks for the tag dear! Tunggu for a while ya? Becos my queue panjang betul! :P

  5. rozie: problem hehehe

  6. dood..u're whack...i think that was ur story man @_@