Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Food, Can't Live Without Em

I'm suppose to blog this together with "WHAT THE HELL IS UP!?" but I think I'll separate it coz I think we shouldn't mix gewd fewd with bad aura. XD Yeah since I think most of the bloggers would eventually blog about the whole petrol station on strike shite.

So, here's some fewd for dinner from last nite *slurp~ Oh yeah, I had em at Mode Cafe (check out em raves man), KAC *slurps~ Each dish roughly cost around RM6 - RM6.50 and RM1.50 for additional Ice Lemon Tea. *slurps~

garlic fried rice with seafood *slurps~ I rike~

sambal fried rice with beef. I rike too *slurps

watan spaghetti with chicken/seafood/beef XD *slurps~ with chili padi and soy sauce *slurps~

I know I'm making everyone hungry now XD ITADAKIMASU~


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    watan spaghetti.. yummilioussss~

  2. WTFish!!!???

    They charged me RM4.20 alone for the lemon tea ping!!! 666!!!

    Paksa beli meal baru price jadi RM1.50?


  3. amy..the garlic fried rice and lemongrass damn nice

    kc: yes..u should order it with meal baru rm1.50 ni XD kekkeke fish kan fish XD

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    watan spaghetti with chicken/seafood/beef!
    oh my owh my... Okay, my hunger jadi tahap dewa already after seeing your foods! heehe...
    So Maslight, you didn't have any trouble with the jam yesterday?

  5. arms: who said no trouble. i had to make 1 big turn macam bertawaf to sadong to get to KAC ..and stayed there till 8pm well more like when the road is clear...i would not be an idiot dalam kreta and wait till the car move...tension man

  6. I was just on YM with wifey telling her how hungry I am right now and then I come to your blog and see food! Argghhhh, I'm salivating right now! LOL!

    And that sambal fried rice with beef look absolutely mouth watering la!

  7. nick: hahahahaha blog can read ur mind or stomach? XD hahahah...yes i know, i can't look at it without drooling XD

  8. Yayyy.. massy bikin lapar lagi.. Mesti ko heran la napa bloggers ni macam ndak pandai makan.. Laparrrr saja! LOL!

    Since I'm back in KK, I wanna try all those eateries that you blogged about! So thanks to you Massy for introducing good food even though bikin lapar! LOL!

  9. syura: hahahhaha XD u're most welcome..i need more gewd fewd to blog about heheheh XD

  10. wah, looks yummy. but macam kalau sia makan, not enough la. Is the portion big?

  11. omg that looks so yummy! i miss miss miss miss malaysian food

    i dont know how many times ive said that

  12. perry: uish, how much is enuff for u *giggle..anyways, i think the portion sukup untuk se...some of my guys fren mo tambah snacks tu after but should be enuff? XD

    fie: XD it's fine, u can say it all the time. XD