Monday, December 28, 2009

[26th Dec 2009] Kundasang Trip (Day 1)

Massive photos ahead.

How's everyone's holiday?  As for me, I went to Kundasang with my parents and brother.  I'm constantly thinking how am I gonna write type this post coz I have around 700 photos (I brought two (2) camera with me) in total. Wanted to bring the Holga with me but my bag were too heavy.  Somehow.  Maybe, just maybe I could reduce the photos part since most of it are shots of my Mini Danboard (I'll post this at my figure blog, here).

Lets just hope this blog post won't be long (but will have lotsa fewd photos ngehehehe).

Here's a map for those who never been to Kundasang.  It's been few years since I last visited that place.  Think of fresh vegetables and fruits and foggy like Cameron Highlands.

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Left home at 9am, went to breakfast at Menggatal Town.

My bro was holding at my 500D the entire time.  It's like having a personal assistant.  Wait, what's wrong with this picture?  Aren't I suppose to be the one with the bigger camera? Hmm?

Me walking to the shops.

Spotted an old jukebox? there.

Had Ngau Chap for breakfast.


My rave, here

One (1) thing one should get when they're at Menggatal town are hot buns!

My dad used to get lotsa these when I was younger.  They have coconut fillings, cream fillings, tausa and etc t here.  Glad that they still have these there.

I asked my "assistant" to take some photos of the town too ;)

On the road, all you can see are green grass and trees, old houses and shops etc.  Very pleasant view, gewd for relaxing and sleeping in the car.  I for one always end up sleeping, erm sometimes just to get some shut eye coz of my dad's driving.  And here I thought I'm the mad driver.  He's a even crazier driver than me.  Since we're in mum's car, mum, being her cautious self, keeps reminding dad to slow down or be careful.

I got slightly hungry on the way, had my butter cream bun ;) eat it while it's hot.  Nyum~


Was guiding my brother on taking photos and he took this.

I think it could look better if  the car weren't moving so much LOL.  Shake shake!  Thank gawd for IS. 

Oh, it's common, I think in Malaysia (I think) to have this sight.  Stalls along the road selling fruit, vegetables and local snacks and etc.  We stopped for Duku Langsat?  A mix of duku and langsat?  I have no idea.  The skin is as hard as duku but inside looks like langsat.  That's the best explanation I could come up with.

1 plastic for RM5.  Dad got it for RM4.

Dad made a joke about langsat being "halal".  Poor dood didn't get his joke.  *sweat

There's a near by stall selling "vogoks!" (piggie).

Heard from a friend that it's been raining at Ranau for few days.  It was sunny for a moment it started pouring around 11am (I think).


Stop at Nabalu Town for toilet.

It's foggy.  I can't see shite capta'n.  What do they have there?  Souvenirs!


I'm starting to hate my hair.

Sorry didn't take much shot of the place, we (me and bro) were bz taking photos of mini danboard.

When it's cold and foggy, don't use aircond.  And always bring your jacket.  In this case, I left my jacket in my bag, thank gawd I manage to get it.

It was so cold that I'm starting to get hungry.  We went for lunch at Nabalu Lodge & Cafe (there's 1 branch here in KK at Gaya Street, same row as RHB bank), arrived there around noon.  There's a cafe there.  I blogged about it few years ago.  During my last trip there.  My raves, here.

This place is undergoing some renovation.  It's bigger now.

Spotted kitties.  They're friendly ;)

The tabby kitty reminds me of mumu.  So cute, want to take em home ;)  but mum will strangle me if I do that.

View from the Restaurant/Cafe.

Sure got a lot of construction there.

My parents ordered steamboat.  It's a 4 person for RM39 package.

Kitties want fewd too.

Love love love the tom yam soup!  Tom yam soup had this curry mixture and it wasn't that spicy.  The chicken soup not so great.  Very refreshing.

My rave, here.

The ONLY thing that gets to me gotta be the flies!  OMG!  You can't imagine how many flies they have there.  Must not let it get on my nerves.

*taking a break~ lunch time.

It was 1pm when we finish our meal.  Went to Kg. Luanti at Ranau for the fish massage thing.  I blogged about this few years back too.   Dad said there's three (3) location that has this but only 1 is maintained and got entrance fee.  We went to the other two (2) which is further.  But we can't see any fish there.

There sure a lot of weddings around on that day.

The first location we went.

The second location is a private own land.  Sure lotsa durian there.  But the owner don't wanna sell it to us.  He said not ripe yet.  That dood has some serious armpit hair issues!  GO SHAVE DOOD! OMG =_="""

The third place is the place we went before last few years back.  Can't remember how much for entrance fee but if full body massage is RM10.


Since can't take photo of fish massage, take photo of everything else.  lulz.



Since all of those place are closed due to rain.  We head back to check into the hotel.  But dad kept saying that he wanted to go to the Ranau P.O.W Memorial (some info about it I found here).  We saw the signboard the first time and u-turned, didn't know it was near the church.

The only shot my bro took of the signboard.   Too over exposed.  Fixed it with photoshop *sweat.

I notice there's not many online sites about this.

Went to check in around 4pm.  And it's still drizzling.  We check in at Mount Kinabalu Heritage, formerly known as Perkasa Hotel.  This place looks really nice now.  All renovated and looks very new.  Wifi available only at the ground floor.

Got the keys to our room ;)

The lift is still the same.

Went up to the 6th floor to leave our bags.  Dad need his sleep, actually he thought he could online from his room but wifi ONLY available on the ground floor.

The room and washroom hehe.



View from the room.


We (mum, my bro and me) decided to walk around.  We went from back to front.


Back view of the hotel.  Repainted it blue? @_@"""

Relaxing area at the front.  And the bridge is to the chalet.  Which I skip.


The chalet there.

Take a peek of Mount Kinabalu from the bridge.


Big ass flower in front of the hotel.

The restaurant

Awards on the wall.

There's a pub too.  But didn't take any photos of it.

Went dinner at Zen Garden Resort at 7pm.  We sort of got a bit lost to the restaurant.  Walk there is gewd exercise if you ask me.

For those who worried if the place serves halal fewd or not.  Don't worry.  HALAL! Got halal sign ;)  Not sure wut's the rates there.  Always fully booked.  And I notice the place is nice and big.

My raves, here.

After dinner, walk back up to the car.  Lack stamina that's for sure and I'm stuffed from all that eating.

Hotel view at nite.

Reached hotel, showered and sleep.

The bad part was waking up around midnite orz.  Thank gawd for sucky mobile internet connection, I'm able to connect for awhile and I was on till 2:30am till my mum woke up and watch tv.  LOL.  That was funny.  I was having a hard time sleeping till it was almost 6am then only I start snoozing like a baby orz.

The room next to us is noisy.  I couldn't sleep anymore till it was 7am.  orz.

to be continued -


  1. haha! hanapi taking nais pics...

  2. @dori: yar, I had to guide him through XD bulih jadi assistant XD he though have to get his own DSLR nyahahahah

  3. Menarik oh. Lama sudah ndak ku ke Kundasang bah

  4. @Kay: lets go XD hehehhe

  5. waaaaah!!!!so nice!!! XD i like the kitteh pics!

  6. @amy c: u want kitteh? XD

  7. oohhh..!!! bnyk food sedap!!! XD

    and the kitty so cute leh!!

    nice trip!!

  8. Hmm, besides the mountain in KK, it seems there's much to be desired when visiting Sabah. :\

  9. @Sylvia: yes very nice trip even it's a short one.

    @Danny: yes, there's still other places to go. Hope dad bring me to more road trips ;)

  10. ban hing ban hing...mana ada ban hing lain lagi selain menggatall.. i think family dorang memang stay lama sudah di menggatal.. i miss this one becoz massive photos..hahahahaha tunggu nanti aku amik banyak2 gbr aku makan tausa bun di ban hing tanpa kompromi

  11. @aj: dekat jak tu dari rumah ku XD hahahahah my bro brought some home yesterday ;)

  12. haiiyaaa massy, Menggatal is my mum hometown la...thats why i know..

  13. @aj: aisey liddat ka? XD