Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist

This might have been a little short notice but I was reading The Click Shop's new post and decided to make this post.

Another reason for doing this is because I wanted presents ;)

Anyways, The Click Shop is giving away a random gift from their shop.  All you gotta do is post up your wishlist.  How?  Click this link.

Reminder:  Dateline is 24/12/09 at 11:59pm.

So here's my wishlist at random order.

1.   A new desktop or a notebook.  Speed! I need speed!

2.  I owez wanted an IpoodIpod nano, IT MUST BE RED!

    3.  Smena 8m *uhuk uhuk leeched photo from TCS.  I owez wanted this but I don't know why I can't seem to get it.  Maybe I was distracted by the numerous pre-ordering of nendoroids *uhuk uhuk~

    4.  Camera lens + speedlite *uhuk~

    5.  Exclusive nendoroids such as these.

    Reimu and Black hair Shana = PRIORITY!

    6.  Gakken Mook TLR Camera (thanks to aks).

    7.  A random small sized mp3 player maybe?  Less awkward for me to jog alone.  *lulz

    8.  A new sling bag.  I actually wanted to make one.  But mum doesn't seem to lemme use her sewing machine ;_;  Maybe I should get a sewing machine huh?

    I guess I better stop there.  I actually have a long list.  Why can't I have Unlimited Cash Vault (UCV)? *sigh.


    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      LOLs at No.8...

    2. My wish list simple only. I just wish for loads and loads and loads of cash? Not too difficult to grant, right? LOL!

    3. @kent chan: lulz. I want sewing machine XD

      @Nick: LOL. I want money too T_T

    4. Maybe you can wish to win TOTO jackpot? LOL! merry Christmas!

    5. @theeggyolks: Yes, $_$

    6. Massy a Merry Christmas to ya!

    7. Anonymous7:41 AM

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    8. @ArMs: thanks.

      @anonymous: er thanks.

    9. congratz mas... you have been selected ^___^

    10. @moli: thanks ;) hopefully posman send my poslaju today. Seems like reach kk oledi.

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