Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's the season to be jolly~

Merry Xmas!!!

Photo "leeched" from

Anyways, went to meet up with Amy C (Life, Here "N" There) for egg paper cutter.  I was expecting em in a plastic.  Didn't know it was nicely wrapped in a box and on top of that, extra presents ;) so happy!

Thanks Amy C! *muax~

Presento~!!!! ;3

Here's some photo I took of the stuff I got.

Massy is greedy~

Four (4) egg paper cutter.  These are neat.  I rike.  I've tested it.  Sharp.  Useful too.  I think these are to open envelopes XD

But, I rike this one better.  A lot coz I love to color.


Question of the day:

So, what  happens if you discovered "something" in your fewd?

Would you continue eating? OR it'll totally kill your appetite?

Please leave comment to answer the above question hehe.


On another note, my kurimu sakurano petite figures came yesterday (read em here).

And uh oh! I received my danbo figures today ;3


Will work on my blog post tonite hopefully.  Oh! Not forgetting HC09 was fun but tiring for me.  Haven't finish uploading photos yet.  I also have a boardgame post coming up.  So, stay tuned.

Till the next post.  Merry Xmas!


  1. yikes..apa tu Massy? Looks like a dead boiled ulat.purposely add in for extra flavouring mangkali tu :)

    Seriously,i'll stop eating and complain to the tauke..but having an ulat in your food is better than other thing eg hair,cicak etc

  2. It depends on the "something", and the location, if it's a public restaurant, you might get extra charge!

    That looks like a leech but I'm guessing it isn't.

  3. Thank goodness u like em! ahahahaaa.... XD ur most welcome!

    dat pic with fugly giuk makes me sick..ilang appetite trus...complain!!!!! XD

  4. @Mama Mia: I think it came from the vege. But seriously that big OMG. First time I see oh.

    @Dan: this is at one of the fewd cafe around KK.

    @Amy C: yeah if me aku pun stop makan terus oh.

  5. thats the giuk sayur.

    u know, my mom always said...bagus tu if the vege got ulat cos tat means, the vege doesnt contain pesticide. hahaha...i dunno how true is tat la...

    just like daniel, depending on the 'something'...if it is like in the picture..i dont mind so much altho i wud let the food operator know about it. if it's a big fat rat...owh man, wud u even wana eat the food?

  6. @chegu: OMG, I dun wanna imagine a big fat rat in my dish @_@

  7. Good God! If I found something in my food, I would have freaked out!

  8. @Nick: u're like my bro's gf LOL. She slightly freaked out.

  9. punya pengotor kedai tu..shite!!!

  10. @Aj: shite happens. People should be careful.

  11. Anonymous11:26 PM

    nice job! waiting for your new artical...................................................

  12. @tannahans: thanks ;)

  13. Wah those telurs are really cute? How to use oh?

    About the ulat, it shows that your veggies are 'safe to eat' la. No chemical fertilizers! LOL

    If you ask me, I'll stop eating but if I'm dead starving, I'll continue.

    OK you can throw up now. >___<

  14. @cicak: Oh, erm, I'll make one post on how u use the telur soon XD